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The concrete operation method of the knapsack mower

- Oct 20, 2018 -

The concrete operation method of the knapsack mower
1. During the operation of cutting grass with the cutting head, it should be guaranteed that the cutting head nylon rope extends 5-10cm outside of the cutting head. If it is too long, it will affect the service life of the petrol engine due to heavy load and cause damage to the cutting board.
If too short, it will reduce efficiency.
2. After the nylon rope wear becomes shorter, it will be automatically stretched as long as the straw hitting the ground gently during normal use. If the length is not enough, it can be repeatedly touched several times until the nylon rope length is 5-10cm.
When the nylon ropes are used up, you can disassemble the straw head and attach the new nylon ropes to the rope wheel.
3. When cutting the grass with the blade, do not insert the whole blade into the grass. Generally, it is enough to insert half of the diameter of the blade into the grass and one-third of the diameter of the blade into the grass with a stiff blade.
4. When cutting the shrub with the blade, the general shrub should be cut along the periphery of the shrub in the same horizontal plane. When cutting the coarser shrub, a cut should be made on the direction surface where the shrub falls.
This cut not only ensures that the blade will not be clamped during the cutting process, but also controls the direction of the bush fall.
The knapsack mower is suitable for reeds, alfalfa, oaks and other weeds in fields of different sizes, which is simple to operate and efficient.
When using the knapsack mower, the effect is better when the weed grows to 10-13 cm.
If weeds grow too high, they should be done in two steps: first the upper part, then the lower part.
When using a lawn mower, hold on with both hands, and keep a certain inclination to the side of the fruit tree, so that the weeds can fall as far as possible to the side of the fruit tree.
Moderate speed throttle, uniform speed, can save fuel consumption and improve efficiency.


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