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The difference between electronic throttle and pull the throttle

- Nov 23, 2017 -

Compared with the pull the throttle, the obvious point is that the electronic throttle can be used to replace the cable harness (wire) or rod, throttle installed in a micro-motor there, with the motor to drive the throttle opening. The so-called "wire driving", with wire instead of the original mechanical transmission. But this is only the surface of the electronic throttle thing, its essence and role of just using the connection instead of parsing is not enough.

Electronic throttle control system mainly by the accelerator pedal, pedal displacement sensor, ECU (electronic control unit), data bus, servo motor and throttle actuator. The displacement sensor is installed inside the accelerator pedal to monitor the position of the accelerator pedal at any time. When the position of the accelerator pedal is detected to change, this information will be sent to the ECU instantly. The ECU processes the information and the data information from other systems to calculate a control signal which is sent to the servo motor relay and servo Motor-driven throttle actuator, the data bus is responsible for communication between the system ECU and other ECU. Since the electronic throttle system adjusts the throttle via the ECU, the electronic throttle system has various features that can be set to improve driving safety and comfort. The most common of these is the ASR (traction control system) and the speed control system (cruise control ).

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