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The difference between sawing, chainsaw, air saw and oil saw.

- Apr 13, 2018 -

The difference between sawing, chainsaw, air saw and oil saw.

Oil saw is one of the most widely used and most frequently used power tools in many garden machines.Some people ask whether to buy the oil saw or the electric saw, what is the difference between the chainsaw and the chainsaw and the air saw?In fact, this is very simple today to give you an analysis, at the same time summed up several oil saw common problems.

What's the difference between a chainsaw, a chainsaw, a gas saw, and a chainsaw?

The electric saw, also known as "power saw", is used as power for cutting wood, stone, steel and other cutting tools, with sharp teeth on the edge.Split fixed and portable, saw blade is generally made of steel, with round, bar and chain.

Chain saw is the chain saw, makes no difference to gasoline engine powered portable saw, is mainly used for logging and building material, its working principle is to rely on interlaced L saw chain blade lateral movement for shear action.

The gas saw is a pneumatic tool for the use of gas as power, sawing wood, plastic and other materials.

Buy the oil saw or buy the saw, cut down the tree?

Oil saw power is relatively large, horsepower, more durable, but maintenance trouble, electric saw operation is simple, the noise is very low, but the price is high.If the workload is large, consider the chain saw, if the workload is not particularly large or household, the choice of the chainsaw, there are now charging power saws, with battery and can meet the demand, but the cost is higher, the chain saw price cheap and durable.The corripu oil saw is cost-effective and saves time and energy.

How does the oil - saw pump work?

Sawing machine oil pump working principle: vortex rod drive a turbine, using the principle of volume ratio, make the oil formation in the negative pressure, under the effect of atmospheric pressure, the machine oil into the oil tube, to guide and the chain.The oil pump assembly is a large part of the two-stroke oil saw lubrication system.It provides the high speed running chain and the guide plate to provide the oil, in case the friction produces excessive heat in the work, causes the chain guide plate of the oil saw too high and reduces the work efficiency.The lubrication task of the oil saw engine is accomplished by the two-stroke engine oil in the fuel.

How to open the oil saw flywheel?

That's locked thread, you can use a hammer to hit clutch spring block slice counterclockwise, usually does not move the chain saw playing thread on the thread sealant, best first with a heat gun to bake, which is good.


After a period of oil saw work, why did it start easy while the oil gate stalled?

This is the situation of high temperature flameout, check the pressure of the cylinder first, whether it is a slight cylinder, whether the carburetor and the oil tank filter head are dirty, the dirty is changed.

How do you install the logging saws?

Open the fixing plate first and loosen the chain fastening bolt to install it. After installation, tighten the fastening bolt until the chain can pull easily.Remember to remove the direction, otherwise you will have to do it again.

What is the reason why it is hard to start when the oil saw is off at high speed?

It should be cold start no problem, if it is very difficult to restart after high speed flameout, it is very likely to be a cylinder, you have to go to a professional repair shop or contact after sales to change the piston and cylinder body.

The reason is: when the engine starts, heat rises, between the piston and the cylinder body because of the clearance, the expansion of the air tightness.The engine can't absorb enough oil and air, although it can ignite, but the thin oil and gas will produce higher temperature, resulting in a larger gap.At the same time, the thermal expansion thrust after the ignition is also lost from the gap, resulting in insufficient thrust of the piston, the power drop, and the final double stack caused the stall.

Through the above analysis, I believe that we all know that the oil saw is a common problem that we hope to help you.

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