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The difference between the blade and the blade of the cutting irrigation machine

- Jul 28, 2018 -

The difference between the blade and the blade of the cutting irrigation machine

Dozen toothed burclover is the rotation of the lawn mower institutions, including the grip, handle and rotational installed on the handle end grooves of toothed burclover, has a limit on the inner ring groove profile Ⅰ and limit Ⅱ, mow grass head is equipped with relative limit file Ⅰ rotate 90 ° turns limit block Ⅰ and relative limit Ⅱ turn 90 ° rotation limit Ⅱ, turns on the limit of block and limit, under the action of pressure, through the operation in lawn mower handle drives the briquetting of conjoined card lock mow grass head two gear block activities, so that the lawn mower to mow grass and edge cutting mow grass, the purpose of the two states cut edge mow grass state can effectively cut out small corner of weeds.
It is convenient and labor-saving. Compared with the type of straw baling, it is related to the working environment we want to work in. In this way, there will be different types of straw baling.

From the point of view of the mounting blade of the machine, the mower is usually equipped with a single blade or multi-blade or multi-tooth blade to cut the grass.
The material of the blade is made of high speed carbon steel and spring steel (65Mn manganese steel), but the material of manganese steel does not meet the safety requirements (international standards) generally.
The blade of a lawnmower, usually made of nylon, is cut with high speed spinning nylon rope.
The material of nylon rope has good flexibility and is cut by high speed centrifugal force to break the grass.
Generally, the thickness of rope is 2-2.5mm, which is better than the thickness of grass.

Cutting and irrigation machine blade and straw head

The working parts that can be installed in the cutting and irrigation machine include the blade and the straw cutting head.

A toothed burclover

Installation of nylon straw rope, mainly used for cutting irrigation machine blade can not reach the strip, slope and other topography, cutting tender grass and medium-density grass.
A mower must have a suitable straw head to match it to maximize its work.


The blade

1. Two-tooth blade

Often used for pruning artificially cultivated grasslands and forage, not for cutting shrubs.

2. Three-tooth blade

It is commonly used for cutting, clearing of weeds, semi-woody grasses, and cutting of sparsely shrubby groups not exceeding 1 cm in diameter.

3. Multi-tooth blade (also called saw blade)

It is often used to harvest rice, wheat, hemp, beans, rapeseed, corn, barley, hay, money grass, alfalfa grass and other crops.

4. Multi-tooth alloy blade (also known as alloy saw blade)

Suitable for cutting shrub group, mulberry branch, tea branch with diameter not exceeding 6 cm, open up barren mountain.

Auxiliary parts: straw picker and grain picker (also called rice picker).

Rice, wheat and other harvested crops are usually arranged in a neat and efficient way.

According to the instructions of the machine, if you don't understand, go to the machine after sale to find professionals to operate, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the machine.

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