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The direction and skill of wood saw blade installation

- Dec 05, 2018 -

The direction and skill of wood saw blade installation
Chain saw is a kind of garden machinery used for the cutting trees, because a lot of the tendrils of trees is various, sometimes leads to other ground vegetation in the garden can't get enough sun exposure, and redundant tendrils can touch other trees, affect beautiful, so in order to shed excess tendrils, chain saw come in handy, but generally short guide chain saw used for intermittent branch pruning, long guide chain saw for cutting trees.
Oil filling hazard of oil saw in oil supply system of oil saw lubrication system
When the chainsaw engine works, each moving part ACTS on another part with certain force, and produces high speed relative motion, had relative motion, the surface of the part must produce friction, accelerate wear and tear.
Therefore, in order to reduce wear, reduce friction resistance, extend the service life, the engine must have lubrication system.
The direction and skill of wood saw blade installation


The oil pump assembly of oil saw machine is a large part of the lubrication system of two-stroke oil saw.
It provides oil for the chain and guide plate running at high speed, so as to prevent excessive heat generated by friction during work, resulting in high temperature of the chain guide plate and reducing the working efficiency, mainly including oil pump, oil pipe, oil filter, one-way valve, etc.

Saw fuel supply system includes fuel tank, filter, tubing, carburetor and so on.
Carburetor is the core component of two-stroke internal combustion engine. It pumps fuel from the fuel tank into carburetor by utilizing the pressure difference generated by crankcase, and squirts out from the fuel volume hole. By taking advantage of the venturi effect, the fuel is fully atomized, the proportion of fuel and air is adjusted, and the combustion efficiency is improved.
When the chainsaw refuels, some people disrelish the trouble, often refuels adds the full time, is not good to the chainsaw itself like this, the chainsaw has the refueling standard, is not adds more is better.
After the engine of the chainsaw works, gasoline will be heated to expand, coupled with mechanical vibration, if the tank is too full, gasoline will overflow from the oil tank cap, both waste oil, but also easy to cause fire.
Therefore, it can only be increased to about 90% of the tank capacity.
When the oil in the oil sump is added too much, the oil will enter the combustion chamber to participate in the combustion, which not only increases the oil consumption, but also easy to cause flying car accidents.
In addition, too much oil will also increase the link, crankshaft motion resistance, increase the power loss.
Therefore, the oil in the oil sump should be added between the upper and lower cutting lines of the oil ruler.
The oil in the oil saw air filter tray should be added to the position of the cutting line. If too much oil is added, the oil will be inhaled into the cylinder to participate in combustion, which is easy to cause carbon deposition and oil flying car accident.
The inner cavity of the wheel hub of the oil saw is larger, mainly for heat dissipation.
If the installation of rolling bearings in the hub filled with grease, not only increased the running resistance, but also because the grease is affected by heat thinning out brake efficiency.
Therefore, as long as the rolling bearings coated with some grease, in order to maintain the "empty hub lubrication".
Chainsaw full of oil map to save trouble, the result is often the opposite of the matter, to remember a word, too much trouble is often the source of trouble.
Direction and skill of wood saw blade installation
Woodworking saw blade is generally made of carbon tool steel, there are two commonly used brands: T9, T10(that is, carbon content of about 0.9% and 1.0% of carbon steel).
Used to process wood, according to tooth shape can be divided into: left and right teeth, transverse teeth.
The direction and skill of wood saw blade installation


Saw blade professional r & d and manufacturing.
In the production of alloy saw blades matrix using the world's unique circular rotating cone roll system of weft to processing technology and manufacturing process, make the matrix has excellent rigidity, with a symmetrical distribution center for uniform structure and mechanical properties, the stress in circle evenly distributed to the rotation of the supernormal strain capacity, carbide saw blade has good precision.
High performance alloy saw blade is sintered with advanced technology of nanometer grade tungsten carbide, cobalt and other rare metals to make the saw blade sharp and durable.
Good linear sawing, smooth cutting surface without marks.

Before installing the saw blade, the first thing to check is whether the saw blade has defects, falls off, abnormal wear and tear and saw plate bending, distortion and fracture and other abnormal phenomena;
When installing, ensure that the rotary direction of the saw blade is consistent with that of the machine spindle;
In addition to pay attention to confirm that the selected saw blade is suitable for the cutting material speed, feed;
Each installation flange must ensure that the flange surface is smooth and clean, parallel to each other and perpendicular to the axis, the size of the same, flange minimum diameter is a third of the diameter of the saw blade, the washer should be vertical;
The blade must be at least as high as the height of the saw blade above the plate;
When processing for the transverse, should pay attention to cutting at least three teeth at the same time, otherwise the saw blade will sway.
Special attention should also be paid to: the cutting material is fixed when using, abnormal sound and vibration, cutting surface roughness, bending should stop the operation, timely inspection, troubleshooting.
When the blade is not sharp and cutting surface rough, must be timely re-grinding, re-grinding can not change the original Angle, must be trusted to the specialized manufacturers for grinding.
Woodworking saw blade, the material that USES commonly is carbon tool steel, so it also exists a few unsafe factors, hope everybody is being used or when installing, must want very careful, assure his safety.
Because consumer is right woodworking saw blade demand is diversiform day by day, a lot of businesses also improve their technology in succession, innovate ceaselessly, accordingly, sundry woodworking saw blade also was born accordingly.
You can sort by material, you can sort by tooth shape, you can sort by size, you name it.

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