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The effect of the lawn mower and the correct use of the mower

- Jun 29, 2018 -

The effect of the lawn mower and the correct use of the mower

A mower, also called a mower or a mower, is used to cut high weeds and small bushes.
However, some people think that the mower is different from the mower. In fact, the mower is a small engine that drives the blade to rotate through the drive shaft to complete various tasks, such as cutting weeds, shrubs and clearing the land.
The lawn mower is divided into small mower and lawn mower. The small mower is the mower and irrigation machine.
So do you know how a lawn mower works?
Today we're going to talk about it.

The effect of a lawn mower on weeding

1. Good efficiency: as the lawn mower rotates rapidly, it has a good cutting effect on weeds in orchard, especially on weeds with high tenderness.
General year weeding 3 times, can basically meet the requirement of weeding.

2. High efficacy: generally, each mower can cut more than 8 * 667m2 of grass per day, which is 16 times more effective than manual mowing (0.5 * 667m2 per day).

3, maintain water and soil: artificial USES hoe weeding, because in weeding and loosening the topsoil, so often can lead to a certain amount of soil erosion, on TiKan artificial weeding, caused by soil erosion is more serious.
And the use of a lawn mower to remove grass, because only the cut off of the weeds on the ground, almost no impact on the surface of the soil, coupled with the consolidation of grass roots, is extremely beneficial to soil and water conservation.

4, increase fertility: using mowers mowing, after going to stay weeds grow to a certain height, cut off a lot of weeds can cover the orchard, and when the orchard fertilizer, increase soil fertility.

5, reduce cost, investment of 3000 yuan to buy a lawn mower, calculated at 500 h normal use, and fuel consumption and manual operation, the weeding cost is 6 yuan per 667 m2, and the cost of artificial weeding every 667 m2 of 40 yuan, both difference $34.
For example, according to the calculation of 3 times of annual weeding, every 667m2 of lawn mower can save more than 100 yuan.


Mower mower mower mower irrigation machine correct use method

A mower, also called a mower or a mower, is used to cut high weeds and small bushes. What preparations do we need when we use a mower?
How to operate correctly?

Before starting the mower, make sure the fuel in the tank is sufficient, and use mixed oil for the two-stroke mower.
The four-stroke mower USES pure gasoline, so make it a habit to check the lubricating oil regularly.
We should also ensure that the parts are firmly connected and reliable, especially the blades.

After checking the condition of the mower, the mower can be started.
After starting up, make the mower operate at a low speed for 3-5 minutes and fully preheat it to better protect the gasoline engine.
In the preheating process, it can accelerate appropriately and check whether the blade is normal or not.
You can turn off the gasoline engine at the right time and check whether the extinguishing switch is good and effective.

When we are using a toothed burclover mowing the lawn, should guarantee the dozen toothed burclover nylon rope stretched out for 5-10 cm in length, if too long, because the load bigger influence the service life of the engine, and causes the damage of grass baffle plate;
If it is too short, it will reduce the operating efficiency.
Nylon cord to use for a period of time will be shorter due to wear and tear, we will play toothed burclover gently touching the ground, as long as the nylon cord will be automatically thrown elongation, if the length is not enough, can be repeatedly touch a few times more, until the nylon rope is 5-10 cm long.
When the nylon rope is used up, the straw head can be opened and the new nylon rope can be wrapped around the rope wheel.

When we use the blade cutting grass, don't put the blade to the grass lawn, commonly into 1/2, the blade of the diameter of the straw stalk harder grass, to reach the 1/3 of the diameter of the blade.
Shrub, use the blade cutting shrub operation should be performed in the same horizontal plane along the bushes around cutting, cutting coarser shrubs, shrub should now fall in the direction of the surface of cutting a hole, about a third of the diameter of the cut depth of shrubs, and then the shrubs cut away from the other side of the bushes.
This cutting ensures that the blade is not caught in the cutting process, and also controls the direction in which the bush falls.

Here again, the important considerations of the mower:

1. The straw cutting head can only be used for cutting grass, and it is strictly prohibited to cut bushes;

2. It is strictly prohibited to use two-tooth blade to cut bushes;

3. The diameter of bush cut by three-tooth blade should not exceed 1cm;

4. The diameter of carbide multi-tooth blade cutting shrubs should not exceed 6cm.

Lawn mower not only can be used in garden greening, but also plays a very important role in agricultural production.
It has realized agricultural mechanization, increased work efficiency and increased agricultural production efficiency, which is of great importance to a large agricultural country like us.
With the rapid development of mechanization of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry in China, the research on the new lawn mower is developing towards the direction of high speed, stability and energy saving.

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