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The eight characteristics of two stroke chainsaw engine.

- Apr 29, 2018 -

The eight characteristics of two stroke chainsaw engine

Chain saw as deforestation, building materials, such as lopping indispensable garden machinery, comprehensive assignments in the botanical garden afforestation, forest fire prevention, wood processing and furniture manufacturing, has been widely applied in construction engineering, the main engine chain saw are three major types:
External combustion, the internal combustion engine and motor, gas turbine and internal combustion engine are rely on fuel combustion heat energy into mechanical energy emitted by work, referred to as heat engines, internal combustion engine is inside the machine such as cylinder combustion process of engine, the engine chain saw for two-stroke engine, engine chain saw and commonly used on automobile and tractor engine, the following is by kori chain saw small make up for the broad masses of users of the chain saw introduce chain saw the eight characteristics of the engine.

1. The oil saw engine generally adopts the two-stroke gasoline engine with high RPM.
The engine is similar to the "small organs" (starting engines) on the engines of the dongfang red tractor and the 40-yard tractor engine, and is similar to the engine on a small motorcycle.
The power of the oil saw engine is generally 3-5 horsepower or more, and the crankshaft can turn up to 5000 to 8000 revolutions per minute.

2. Because the crankshaft of the two-stroke engine can complete a working cycle every week, the four-stroke cycle takes two weeks.
Thus, in theory, when the other conditions are equal, the two-stroke engine is twice the power of the four-stroke engine.
Because the two-stroke gasoline engine loses some fuel during the intake and exhaust process, and other causes, its actual power is only 50-60% greater than the four-stroke engine.

3. Because the two-stroke engine eliminates the valve mechanism, it simplifies the body, the structure is simple, the volume is small, the weight is reduced, and the price is cheaper.
Due to the complex structure of the four-stroke engine, the volume and weight are relatively large and the price is expensive.

4, because distribution does not have special agencies to complete, so its accuracy is poor four-stroke engine, fuel loss is large, part of the fuel (mixture) on waste gas escaped, plus the carburetor structure simple, cannot be effectively depending on the engine load HeJinFeng to automatically adjust the oil, so the fuel consumption is very large.


Five, four stroke engines rely on oil pump and the splash lubrication is the engine of inertia of the crankshaft inside two stroke engine oil lubrication only shifter, cylinder, piston and crankshaft rely on separate machines tank by oil pump or manual, mix oil into gasoline burn together, and at the same time achieve the related parts of the lubrication, so the blue smoke coming two stroke engine, and four stroke engines under normal don't smoke.

6. The flywheel weight can be smaller due to the high number of high rollers, so the weight is reduced accordingly.
However, due to the high number of revolutions, the friction between the rotating parts and the sliding parts increases, requiring the manufacture of various parts with more advanced wear-resistant materials, which increases the complexity of the manufacturing process.
If cylinder wall, to increase the hardness, must be hardened treatment, need to have special, can withstand the high turn number of work bearing, etc.

7. Two stroke and four stroke internal combustion engines have a different crankshaft rotation when they complete the same work cycle.
That is to say, in the crankshaft turn every two, two stroke internal combustion engine is more than a four-stroke internal combustion engine piston by a combustion gas pressure, so from this perspective, the two stroke internal combustion engine regulated more balance.

8. Under the same conditions, the two stroke engines have a higher rotating speed, and the air cylinder is more heat, so the heat sink is also made larger.
The noise and vibration of the two stroke engines are larger, and the noise and vibration of the four-stroke engine are lower.

Finally, it is important to note that the oil of the two-stroke engine and the four-punch engine cannot be mixed.
A two-stroke oil saw with a four-stroke oil can cause the top of the spark plug to have a serious carbon and a shortened life span.
The carbon in the combustion chamber is serious, and the carbon will wear out as abrasive.

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