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The invention of the lawn mower.

- May 01, 2018 -

The invention of the lawn mower

Before the 19th century, people cut grass with a scythe.
It's a lot of hard work and a lot of skills that need to be short.

A British engineer named Thomas pratchett was the first to come up with a lawnmower.
He patented the first mower in 1805.
It was a heavy machine with a circular blade, and it was not working very well.

Other inventors have seen the praknet machine and think they can do it better.
The most successful was ewen badin.
He is an engineer in a textile mill.
The idea of a mechanical structure of a lawn mower was obtained from a plant.
The lawn mower he made in 1830 was very similar to those used today.


The lawnmower was produced by several companies, including a firm called "the land of the land of ipswich".
In 1899, ransoms began to make power mowers, powered by small gasoline engines.

Image above: badin's machine is the first practical mower.
It is very similar to the rotary mower that is still used today.
When pushing the handrail, the cutting machine pushes forward and the blade turns.
The trimmings fall into the wooden box.

The scythe should be able to cut the grass effectively, and the grass must be moist.
On the other hand, if the grass is dry, it is better to use a lawn mower.
At first, people often had a lawn mower and a scythe, and the choice of which to use depended on the weather.

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