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The maintenance knowledge of chainsaw

- Apr 23, 2018 -

 The maintenance knowledge of chainsaw

Proper use of saws is not only a guarantee of safety, but also a reflection of value.
Because the chainsaw is a two-stroke drive, it is a mixture of oil, and many of the beginners are using the oil saws, such as the cylinder, etc., mostly because the oil is not mixed well, and even forgot to mix with the two-stroke engine oil!
The chainsaw is a two-stroke power, which should be paid attention to in the use of power, cutting tool and so on, so as to ensure the normal use of the machine.
Today, we will mainly talk about the maintenance knowledge before and after the use of the chainsaw.

1. Use safety.

No one or animal is allowed to move around within 20 meters before the operation.
Be sure to check the grass for angles, stones and other sundries to remove clutter from the grass.

2. Tool parts.

When the new machine is used, it should pay attention to the tightness of the saw chain, so as to push the saw chain, use the hand saw chain, guide tooth and guide plate level behavior appropriate, after using a few minutes, pay attention to again tensioned saw chain.

3. Engine

The engine is a two-stroke engine with fuel oil mixed with oil, and the mixture ratio is: two-stroke special engine oil: gasoline = 1:50 (general motor oil: gasoline = 1:25).
The gasoline is used above 90, and the oil is used for two stroke oil, the symbol is 2T, must use the famous brand special oil, the use of four-stroke engine oil is strictly prohibited.
Suggestions, new in the top 30 hours with 1:40 (ordinary oil 1:20), according to normal after 30 hours (normal oil 1:25) oil distribution proportion 1:50, resolute don't allow more than 1:50 (normal oil 25), or concentration is too thin will cause machine cylinder.
Please strictly follow the oil dispenser attached to the machine.
It is best to use mixed oil. It is forbidden to use mixed oil with long time.

Before the machine works, run for a few minutes at a low speed, see the lubrication saw chain oil, become an oil line, then work. When the machine is working, the accelerator is used on the high speed.
After each case of oil, take a 10-minute break, clean up the machine after each work, to ensure the heat dissipation;

The spark plug should be removed every 25 hours, and the dust on the electrode should be brushed with wire brush, and the gap between the electrodes should be adjusted to 0.6-0.7mm.

Air filters remove dust every 25 hours and dust should be more frequent.
The foam filter core is cleaned with gasoline or washing liquid and clean water, squeezes cool dry, then saturates the oil, squeezes the extra oil to install.
If you have "DON't OIL", you DON't need to add OIL;

The muffler used 50 hours to remove the muffler and clean the carbon deposition on the outlet of the exhaust and muffler.

Fuel filters remove impurities every 25 hours.

4. Storage after use.

When using the oil saw for storage, the body must be cleaned, mixed fuel is released, and the fuel in the carburetor is burned.
Remove the spark plug, add 1-2ml two-stroke oil to the cylinder, pull the starter 2 to 3 times, and install the spark plug.

In addition, it is forbidden to increase the oil when the new machine is tested, and it needs to be idle for a period of time so that the cylinder body can work with the piston.

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