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The mower's engine is underpowered

- Sep 10, 2018 -

The mower's engine is underpowered

Cause analysis and treatment methods are as follows:

1. The fuel tank switch is not fully switched on.

Solution: fully open the tank switch.

2. The vent of oil tank cover is blocked.

Solution: dredge the vent of oil tank cover.

3. Carburetor precipitation cup main needle valve is blocked.

Solution: clean the main needle valve of the precipitating cup.

4. Oil is too dirty or deteriorated, resulting in poor flow of filter fuel.

Solution: replace qualified fuel and clean the strainer in the filter.

Fuel oil contains water.

Solution: replace qualified fuel.


6. Wrong fuel brands.

Solution: replace qualified fuel.

7. The air filter has dirt, which blocks the normal air intake.

Solution: clean the air filter, update the filter core or filter assembly when necessary.

8. Excessive carbon accumulation in the exhaust pipe leads to poor exhaust and decreases engine power.

Solution: clean the carbon accumulation in the exhaust pipe.

9. The valve clearance is too large or too small.

Solution: adjust the valve gap correctly.

10. The spark plug has a fault, such as spark plug carbon and incorrect electrode gap.

Solution: clean the carbon and dirt around the spark plug electrode and adjust the spark plug gap between 0.6 and 0.8 mm.

11. Excessive pruning capacity causes overload operation of mower.

Solution: reduce the width of the trim or speed of travel.

12. Excessive blade wear.

Solution: polish the blade or replace it with a new one.

13. There is something wrong with the soft shaft of the throttle, causing the damper to not open completely.

Solution: adjust the throttle soft shaft to the right position.

The cylinder and piston wear is too large, resulting in insufficient cylinder pressure.

Solution: replace cylinders, pistons, and piston rings.

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