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The operation characteristics of Chinese garden tool industry and its influence on development factor analysis

- Mar 26, 2018 -

The operation characteristics of Chinese garden tool industry and its influence on development factor analysis


(1) technical level and technical characteristics of the industry.

Domestic garden tools industry after years of development, has been from the early for international famous brand shang dynasty garden tools processing, to gradually form independent design, research and development ability of garden tools products, and formed their own brand of garden tools.At present, the domestic garden tools have gradually realized automation and modernization on the basis of safety and environmental protection.In the future, our country garden tools product design will be more innovative, safety performance will be improved, and will continue to apply the new environmental protection, low energy consumption of raw materials, improve product of green environmental protection, reducing the consumption of energy.

(2) cyclical, regional and seasonal characteristics of the industry.

1. Periodicity

Garden tools industry mainly by the boom of the national economy, the botanical garden maintenance area, home maintenance area, the influence of the timber building material demand, but the overall effect is small, so the garden tools industry has no obvious periodicity.

 2. Region

(1) international market

On the international market, a leading producer of garden tools products focused on Germany, Italy, the United States, China, Japan, etc., the main consumer concentrated in Europe, North America, Asia and other regions, Europe and North America is the main producing areas is also the major consumption areas.With the increasing emphasis on landscaping in developing countries such as Asia and South America, the market demand in these areas has been expanding, and the consumption of garden tools has increased.

(2) domestic market

The domestic market, a leading producer of garden tools product concentrated in zhejiang, jiangsu, shandong and other coastal areas of east China, the main consumer concentrated in northeast China, east China, south China and southwest green area is larger, economy is relatively developed areas.

3. Seasonality

According to the different products of the garden tools, the sales season is different, the product variety is more abundant, to some extent offset the seasonal effect.Generally speaking, autumn and winter vegetation growth is slow, the garden maintenance time is less, the use of garden tools is less;At the same time, due to the influence of production cycle and transportation cycle, the production and sales of garden tool manufacturers are small in summer.

At present, the main sales area is concentrated in the northern hemisphere, such as Europe, so the production of the company's garden tools is relatively small in the third quarter.

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