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The problem of engine failure of lawn mower and its solution

- Sep 13, 2018 -

The problem of engine failure of lawn mower and its solution

In order to make the lawn grow well, water and fertilize the lawn and mow the grass frequently. However, the gasoline mower needs regular maintenance. Otherwise, it will have various faults after a long time.


The lawn mower engine cannot start

Cause analysis and treatment methods are as follows:

1. When the engine cold vehicle starts, the accelerator is not in the position of damper.

Solution: move the throttle to a choke position.

2. There is no fuel in the fuel tank.

Solution: add the right fuel.

3. The fuel switch is in the OFF position.

Solution: turn on the fuel switch.

4. The filter in the fuel pipe is blocked.

Solution: clean the strainer in the filter.

5. The throttle handle is in the "STOP" position.

Solution: pull the throttle handle to the appropriate position, such as the use of the brake valve in cool cars;
Use the door for hot cars.

6. Spark plug is not well connected.

Solution: connect the spark plug high pressure line and replace it if necessary.

7. The spark plug cannot jump fire, such as the spark plug electrode gap is too large or too small, and too much carbon accumulation.

Solution: clean the carbon and dirt around the spark plug electrode and adjust the spark plug gap between 0.6 and 0.8 mm.


8. The spark plug is damaged, such as the electrode being punctured.

Solution: replace the appropriate, new spark plug.

Too much fuel enters the engine cylinder and drowns the engine.

Solution: put the throttle to the stop position and close the fuel switch;
Remove the spark plug and wipe it clean.
Pull the engine several times to remove excess gasoline in the cylinder;
When reloading the spark plug, you should first use your hand to put it in place, and then tighten it further with the spark plug wrench.
Push the throttle to the big throttle position, turn on the fuel switch and restart the engine.

10. The air filter is too dirty and obstructs the normal air intake.

Solution: clean the air filter and replace the filter element or filter assembly when necessary.

11. Excessive wear of cylinder and piston causes insufficient cylinder pressure.

Solution: replace cylinders, pistons, and piston rings.

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