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The reason for the killing of the cylinder

- May 14, 2018 -

The reason for the killing of the cylinder


How to judge the maintenance of oil saw?
The cylinder in the cylinder of the oil saw engine is killed by the cylinder, so long as the oil saw piston is checked, there are usually several reasons for this:
1. The accumulation of carbon in the top of the piston top and around the ring is mainly caused by the use of bad oil, such as the use of diesel oil or inferior two-stroke engine oil.
2, the chain saw the exhaust side of the piston cylinder chain saw air filter impurity, junk clogging carburetor fuel, adjustment is too small or too little fuel oil to join in, cut into the cylinder gas concentration, such as paper pad insulator leakage and insufficient lubrication, easy cylinder caused by high temperature.
3, chain saw under the inlet side of the piston cylinder is basically into the water, like a snow use, such as water from the chain saw air filter into the cylinder, so that the lubricating oil film is water mix, make chain saw piston under the suction side of the side lack of lubricating oil film, after high speed, fever caused by cylinder;
4. The inlet side pull cylinder of the oil saw piston is due to entering the garbage from the air cleaner.
Cause and check the cylinder of oil saw engine.
There are many reasons for the cylinder of the oil saw engine, first what is the cylinder?
First of all, when the engine is working, the piston and piston rings are reciprocating in the cylinder.
With the large expansion thrust produced by the mixture combustion, the piston and piston ring are closely connected with the inner wall of the cylinder through the oil film formed by the oil.
Under normal circumstances, as a result of the oil film isolation and cushioning, piston and piston ring and cylinder direct contact, however, in certain cases, both will directly contact, sliding friction, and generate a lot of heat, if not effectively improve thermal conditions, could melt the piston, piston ring and cylinder wall surface, make the sliding friction surface fuses in together, the longitudinal tensile mark in the high speed movement of the piston, serious when both lock, produce cylinder phenomenon.
So, what causes the oil saw cylinder.
First, the oil saw engine running short, high-speed operation caused by the cylinder.
For chain saw, just the factory you see with the naked eye s gas-olinge engine cylinder inner surface and live, piston ring is very smooth, if use a magnifying glass is made up of many rough bumps, on engine break-in period, must to get up to speed on the surface, cut to spike, the surface is smooth, uniform stress, so don't bite each other when sliding, running to chang.
So the new engine must undergo some degree of grinding after assembly.
Otherwise, high on the surface of the piston, piston ring and cylinder with protuberant, will be under concentrated load, the pressure per unit area is very large, after the friction temperature rise, protuberant softening and melting, so that the cylinder.
Second, the oil saw piston overheating can also cause the cylinder.
When the piston overheats, it will produce local abnormal expansion.
Due to the deformation of the piston, the piston ring groove is twisted into a wave shape, and the piston ring and ring groove are short or even long, causing the piston ring to be unable to work properly.
At this time, an edge of piston ring with extremely high pressure per unit area of the direct contact with the inner wall of the cylinder friction, make the function of piston ring not only lost the combustion gas sealing, and destroyed the cylinder oil oil film on the wall, leading to a cylinder.
The main causes of piston overheating are: poor quality of gasoline, resulting in abnormal combustion of mixture and high temperature;
The oil supply system, ignition setting or adjustment is bad, resulting in the abnormal combustion of the mixture and the high temperature;
The piston body design is poor or the density difference of the piston aluminum is caused by the insufficient heat transfer from the piston to the cylinder.

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