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The saw turned off at high temperature

- Sep 14, 2018 -

The saw turned off at high temperature

(1) ventilation problem.
It is mainly caused by poor ventilation of crankcase and plastic parts, resulting in high temperature quenching caused by poor ventilation of carburetor parts.
Solution: ventilation.
If the magnetic flywheel place increases the air diversion cover or can open up the crankcase between the magnetic flywheel and carburetor, increase the ventilation.
Or replace the well-ventilated upper cover and empty filter cover kit.


(2) low temperature resistance of carburetor.
Solution: add insulated paper pads, ventilate, clean or replace carburetors.

(3) coil/high pressure package not resistant to high temperature.
Solution: replace directly.

(4) poor exhaust of muffler causes high temperature.
Solution: clear the muffler or replace the muffler with a larger vent (note: the number of holes is not necessarily fast, and the large double hole in the market will be better than the three holes).

(5) oil seal and negative pressure pipe (balance pipe) are not resistant to high temperature, and show air leakage when the temperature is high.
Solution: replace good quality oil seal and negative pressure pipe (balance pipe).

(6) cylinder three parts: at least one of the three parts of cylinder, piston and piston ring cannot be made of material.
Solution: replace the oil saw cylinder.

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