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The saw will always turn off automatically once and for all, saving money and saving on sawing

- Jul 14, 2018 -

The saw will always turn off automatically once and for all, saving money and saving on sawing

Oil saw plays an important role in many fields, which are mainly divided into two categories, one is domestic, the other is imported;
Take the domestic machine as an example, there are three models, big and small. The smaller models are 25 and 36 models.
The medium model is 45 and 58 models, the displacement is generally around 52, and the power is around 2000W.
The larger ones are the type 62 and the older ones, which are generally used for sawing big trees, and the oil consumption is relatively large.


For the maintenance of the saw, especially those who use the saw frequently, it is important to check the air filter of the saw frequently and form a good habit.
The function of air filter is to filter impurities such as sawdust and dust, prevent impurities from mixing with gas into the cylinder and avoid serious faults such as pull and cylinder.
In the chain saw in use process, if there is a gas flame out, unable to work, such as engine overheating failure, great cause air filter is dirty, must stop the engine, check the air filter and clean up, in particular can be replaced when necessary;
The cleaning method is very simple, it is to use hot soap and water to clean and dry.


In the work to ensure enough saw chain lubricating oil, at the end of the work is the guide plate maintenance.
First, it is necessary to remove the sundries in the inlet guide slot of the bottom of the guide plate of the saw to ensure the smooth inlet hole and lubrication channel.
It is also convenient to check whether there is sawdust, dust and other sundries in the head of guide plate, and at the same time, a small amount of oil drops into the head of guide plate.
When working, the sharp saw chain, sharp saw chain and full saw chain lubrication oil should be ensured, which can improve the service life of guide plate.


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