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The saw won't pull the solution

- Jul 04, 2018 -

The saw won't pull the solution

1. See how long the saw has been used

This is very important, if it's just use, then most likely is boot method incorrect caused a chain saw flooded cylinder, strictly speaking is not fault, this kind of situation or more.
Solving method is more simple, remove the spark plug, spark plug thumb lightly in mouth, pull a few times to start the handle and the discharge within the cylinder block extra fuel, dry the spark plugs and hold back, restart the chain saw.

2. Whether the fuel ratio is correct

It is also very important, chain saw work in the morning, noon can't pull, we need to lower down the first cylinder, to see if the piston have scratches, drawing out first cylinder, if is a cylinder, need to change cylinder, it is need professional maintenance.

3. The oil saw has been in use for some time, and the fuel oil has been in use normally.

(1) check the circuit and check whether the spark plug has electricity. Remove the spark plug and put the top on the metal. Pull the machine to see if the spark plug has electricity.
Replace the spark plug and try it on.

(2) check the oil circuit to see if the fuel filter is blocked, clean the oil filter or replace the new fuel filter, and start the test.

(3) the adjustment of the chain saw carburetor, if high speed adjustment screw adjustment of chain saw carburetor too high, cause the carburetor for not oiling, can try to give carburetor high speed adjustment screw H back some, start to try.
If it doesn't work, you need to remove the air filter, check that the air filter is clean, remove the carburetor, clean the carburetor or replace the carburetor.

(4) learn to maintain the oil saw. If you don't use the machine for a long time, you will have to get the oil out of the tank and start the machine to burn up the oil of the carburetor and cylinder.
In order to avoid the residual oil blocking the carburetor, at ordinary times more clean air filters, lubricants must be lubricated better.



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