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The transformation and upgrading of the electric tool industry has risen strongly

- Jun 11, 2018 -

The transformation and upgrading of the electric tool industry has risen strongly

The 29th national electric tools supporting conference and hardware tools exposition will be held in wuyi exhibition center.

Our county is the electric tool manufacturing base of China and the electric tool export base of zhejiang province.
At present, our county electric tool machine with 528 production and processing enterprises, the annual output value over one hundred million yuan 14 export enterprises, exports more than $10 million in 11 enterprises, involving the employment of 52000 people.

Nowadays, the wuyi electric tool industry is undergoing transformation and upgrading with the development of science and technology and technological innovation.
Decades of exploration and brewing, decades of struggle and progress, so that the industrial development opened a new chapter.


Industrial agglomeration welcomes large-scale growth

Located in the middle of zhejiang province, our county is one of 21 provincial-level industrial cluster development demonstration areas in zhejiang province.
In 2008, our county won the title of "China electric tool manufacturing base". In 2012, it was recognized by the provincial department of commerce as "zhejiang electric tool export base".

My county industrial all kinds of economic sectors, has strong industrial form a complete set of processing ability and level, hardware machinery, travel leisure, automobile and motorcycle accessories such as a number of special advantage industries and product marketing at home and abroad.
In 2017, our county electric tool output value 8.25 billion yuan, the export value of 4.08 billion yuan, accounting for about 15% of the country's similar products exports, including electric hammer production and export since 2001 across the country are listed in the first place, more than 70%.
The rise of electric tool industry group adds a beautiful scenery to wuyi economy.

The export-oriented characteristics of electric tool enterprises in our county are obvious, mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, Australia, southeast Asia, Middle East and other countries and regions.
Product categories are complete, in addition to hand-held power tools, portable (desktop) power tools, and a variety of garden power tools.
Hand-held electric construction includes electric drill, impact electric drill, electric hammer, Angle grinder, engraving machine, polishing machine, marble cutting machine, electric grinding machine, rechargeable electric drill, electric plane, electric circular saw and so on.
Movable electrical construction with inclined cutting machine, profile cutting machine, and so on.
Garden tools include lawn mower and pruner.

The distribution of electric tool enterprises in our county is relatively concentrated. The backbone enterprises and the whole machine production enterprises are mainly concentrated in the development zone, tongqin town and quanxi town.

catalogue06.jpgAccessories enterprises mainly in the development zone.
After years of development, the electric tool industrial cluster in our county has initially formed regional block economy with obvious advantages.
The industrial foundation is relatively stable, and the spare parts enterprises are gradually shifting from the production of spare parts to the production of complete machines.
A number of key enterprises drive the development of surrounding enterprises through supporting products, cooperate with each other in the industry, extend the industrial chain back and forth, and achieve the advantage of complementary resources.

With the support of the county government, through the county electric tool industry association to nurture and guide, at present, our county electric tool industry has 2 national AAA credit rating companies, a Chinese famous brand products, Chinese famous trademark, zhejiang export brand 3, provincial famous brand product 3, 5, city jinhua export brand brand products 5, significantly improved the wuyi electric tools the capacity for independent innovation of enterprises, and to participate in domestic and international competition ability.

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