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The upstream and downstream relationship of garden tool industry.

- Mar 27, 2018 -

The upstream and downstream relationship of garden tool industry

Garden tools industry upstream industries include steel products, copper products, aluminum products, plastic particles, such as electronics and lithium battery industry, the downstream industry make public gardens, logging materials, household maintenance and so on, which contains public gardens municipal gardens, greening, ecological wetland, etc

2. Upstream industry

In 2014 and 2015, prices of raw materials in the decline of upstream industry, such as metal product of silicon steel, aluminum, and electrolytic copper, plastic particles, PP material, makes the product cost per unit in the period fell.In 2016, the cost of products increased as the price of raw materials, such as metals, recovered.

3. Downstream industry

The downstream industries are mainly public gardens, wood cutting materials and family maintenance, mainly including brand dealers, large supermarkets, traders, specialty stores, etc.As people living standard enhancement, green environmental protection consciousness to strengthen, the demand for public garden construction and home maintenance is more and more strong, make the garden tools industry has good prospects for development.

(4) industry competition and major barriers to entry into the industry.

1. Landscape tool industry competition pattern.

(1) competition pattern of international garden tools industry.

Garden tools manufacturer, the main advantage of the product design, technology development, brand management and sales channels, its products cover a wide, in addition to the main production MTD lawn mower, STIHL, EMAK, TTI, BOSCH etc. The company's products are more abundant.Among them, STIHL, EMAK and HUSQVARNA mainly produce petrol-powered products. BOSCH and MAKITA mainly produce electric products.

(2) competition pattern of domestic garden tools industry.

Domestic garden tools industry is concentrated in the east China area, mainly distributed in zhejiang, jiangsu, shandong and other provinces, the formation of the regional concentration is the main reason of the garden tools at present mainly exported, and the exit way is shipping, so the production areas are mainly concentrated in the coastal area.Domestic production of the same or similar products company mainly include: STIHL, TTI, etc in the domestic set up subsidiaries of foreign companies, such as Zhejiang Zhongjian Technology Co,. Ltd., shandong huasheng zhongtian machinery group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Atlantis electric appliance Co., Ltd., the domestic company.STIHL, TTI, etc in the domestic set up a subsidiary of the company set up in China's domestic production base, such as product is mainly used to send to the company's sales outlets, not directly participate in the competition of domestic OEM, ODM.The main businesses of Zhejiang Zhongjian Technology Co., Ltd., shandong huasheng zhongtian machinery group Co., Ltd. Are OEM and ODM, which directly form competitive relationship.

(3) competition pattern of garden tools industry in Europe and America.

At present, the main consumption area of global garden tools is concentrated in Europe and the United States, and the region has gathered a group of multinational enterprise groups with high market concentration.

Western European countries such as Germany, Britain and the United States and other developed countries of the economic development level is higher, its consumers more attention to environmental protection and safety of product, so the garden tools in the low emission gas power and lithium battery products in developed countries such as the more popular.TTI, BOSCH and other international well-known brand company with its technology, brand advantage and perfect after-sales service, take the lead in occupying the market, the domestic enterprises in the area of the market share is low.In the future, with the continuous breakthrough and popularization of lithium battery technology, the development of the garden tools market in Western Europe is promising.

In Europe, Russia, Ukraine and other eastern European countries economic development level is relatively low, the consumers pay more attention to the product price and practical, is the domestic garden tools one of the main sales areas of foundry enterprises.

Such countries have relatively low requirements on the safety and environmental protection of products, so the main products of such countries include traditional petrol-powered garden tools and alternating current garden tools.

2. The number of domestic and foreign competitors in each segment.

China is the world's garden tools main products production base, mainly the ODM model at present, OBM (own-brand production) mode of operation strategy, therefore, to participate in direct competition with rivals are mainly concentrated in the domestic.The products mainly include electric chain saw, gasoline saw, cutting and irrigation machine, etc. From 2014 to 2017.
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