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The use of lawnmower and maintenance after use of mower

- May 04, 2018 -

The use of lawnmower and maintenance after use of mower

The spring equinox has passed, the weather is getting warmer and the frequency of the lawn mower is getting higher and higher. Today, we are going to talk about the use of mower before cutting grass and the maintenance of the mower.

The use of a lawn mower.

Before mowing the lawn, it is necessary to remove the sundries in the area.
Check the engine oil surface, the amount of gasoline, the filter performance of the air filter, the looseness of the screw, the tightness of the blade and the sharpness of the blade.
In the cold machine state, start the engine, should close the damper first, pressure lubricator more than 3 times, will throttle to the maximum.
Open the air door after starting.
If the grass is too long, it should be cut in stages.
I only cut the length of the grass by a third.
The aim is to avoid the grass after cutting grass;
If the slope is too steep, the slope should be cut down.
If the slope is over 30 degrees, it is better not to use lawn mower.
If the lawn is too big.
The lawn mower should not work more than 4 hours in a row.

1. Before mowing the lawn.

Wear sturdy anti-skid shoes and trousers to protect your legs.
Always cut grass in sufficient daylight;
Make sure the grass is dry and never cut wet grass;
Remove branches, rocks and other debris from the area, which will fly out of the grass at the speed of 200mph(321kph).
Don't have idle people, pets and other obstacles in the garden.

2. Use the general safety of the lawn mower to deal with gasoline.

When starting the lawnmower, do not let the start pull rope suddenly rebound;
When mowing the grass, look at the area 3 to 4 feet (0.9 to 1.2 meters) ahead of you;
When crossing paths or lanes, you must turn off the lawn mower.
When cutting grass on the slope, the walking mower can only be used to cut grass across the slope.
Unless the spark plug wiring is broken, the lawn mower must be watched;
Do not adjust the height of the lawn mower while the engine is still running, clean the grass or remove the straw bag;
Do not tilt the lawn mower, always keep its four wheels on the ground;
Do not pull the lawn mower in your direction;
Do not lift or repair the mower which is running;
Keep away from the hot engine.
The temperature of the muffler can be as high as 1200F (648C);
Do not store gasoline in the house or inside the tank.
The spilled gasoline should be erased immediately;
Inject gasoline into the tank not to exceed 3/4 of the fuel tank.
No smoking when filling the tank with gasoline;
When adding fuel, be sure to disconnect the spark plug and allow the engine to cool for 2 minutes.
A splash of gasoline on a hot engine may cause a detonation.

The use of lawnmower and maintenance after use of mower.


2. Maintenance after the use of the mower.

Lawn mower after use, shall be to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, and check whether all the screw fastening, the oil level of the oil is in accordance with the provisions of, whether air filter performance is good, the blade with and without defects, etc.
It also depends on the length of the lawn mower.
Strengthen the inspection or more of vulnerable parts, and carry out periodic maintenance.

1, oil maintenance lawn mower before each use, should check the oil level of motor oil, whether in oil scale scale up and down between phone use should be oil change after 5 h, 10 h after the oil should be replaced again, according to the requirement of the specifications after oil change on a regular basis.
The oil change should be carried out in the engine state to ensure that all waste oil is discharged.
The oil should not be too much oil, otherwise, it will be in trouble, black smoke, insufficient power (too much carbon in the cylinder, small gap between spark plugs), overheating of the engine and so on.
The oil should not be too small, or it will be present: engine gear noise, piston ring accelerated wear and damage, even the phenomenon of rava, causing serious engine damage.

2. The engine is not running smoothly: the throttle is at its maximum position, and the damper is in the open state;
Loose spark plug line;
Water and dirt entering the fuel system;
The air cleaner is too dirty;
Improper adjustment of carburetor;
Engine fixing screw loose: crankshaft bending.
Troubleshooting: lower throttle switch: press the plug on the spark plug;
Clean the tank and rejoin the clean fuel;
Clean the air filter or replace the filter element;
Reset carburetor;
Check engine mounting screws after flameout: adjust the crankshaft or replace the new shaft.

3. Reason for the engine failure: the installation position of the oil gate line on the engine is appropriate;
Oil gate fracture;
The throttle movement is not sensitive;
Flameout line cannot be touched.
Elimination method: reinstall the oil gate line;
Replace the new oil line;
Inject a small amount of oil into the throttle position;
Check or replace the flame-out line.

4. Reasons for poor drainage: the engine speed is too low;
The grass is blocked out of the grass;
Excessive humidity of grass;
The grass is too long and too dense;
The blade is not sharp.
Elimination method: to clear the grass in the lawn mower;
The lawn has water to dry and then cut;
Cut twice or three times, one third of the length of the weeding;
Sharpen the blade.


The use of lawnmower and maintenance after use of mower.

Above is about mowing the lawn mower before use and maintenance of after use a lawn mower, hope everyone must attach importance to the botanical garden machinery maintenance, maintenance of the lawn mower is related to the service life of the lawn mower itself.

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