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The working principle of chainsaw.

- Apr 08, 2018 -

The working principle of chainsaw

Chain saw is widely used in forestry logging materials, garden tree pruning saws, farmers used for firewood sawing wood, etc., such as chain use alloy material for cutting blade, on walls or coagulation and open world, a fire rescue rescue tool.Chain saw generally USES two stroke type, single cylinder, forced air-cooled gasoline engine as the power, through the high speed of chain saw chain to finish the cutting work, big power, high efficiency, small volume, light weight, easy to carry, we have to understand the cory's chain saw what are the working principle and the use of chain saw oil matters needing attention.

1. Working principle of chainsaw.

In order for the oil saw to work continuously, the piston must return to its original position after pushing the crankshaft so that the crankshaft can be pushed again, which requires the piston to reciprocate in the cylinder.The piston moves from one end of the cylinder to the other end of the cylinder, which is called a stroke.

The working cycle of chainsaw is composed of intake, compression, combustion and expansion and exhaust.

The first stroke: the piston moves up from the lower stop point, the air inlet on the cylinder, the vent hole and the change of air hole are closed simultaneously, and the mixture of entering the cylinder is compressed.The piston continues to move upward, further squeezing the mixture, and the inlet hole will be exposed as the piston moves up, and the fuel mixture will flow under the piston to the crankcase.

The second stroke: when the piston is compressed to the upper end point, the spark plug is on fire, igniting the fuel mixture, and the gas expansion pushes the piston down to work.As the piston moves down, the air inlet closes and the combustible mixture in the crankcase is compressed;When the piston is close to the bottom, the vent opens, and the exhaust gases rush out due to strong pressure.Then the air vent is opened, and the precompressed combustible mixture can be flushed into the cylinder through the ventilation channel to remove the exhaust gas and carry out the ventilation process.

Exhaust process of chain saw and collectively called for air intake process, the role of ventilation is to put on a cycle from the clean, make the circulation into the fresh air, so that as many as possible fuel combustion inside the cylinder, to achieve greater power in chain saw.The quality of the ventilation process directly affects the use of the oil saw. We should reduce the flow resistance of the inlet and exhaust system, so we need to clean the carbon of the channel regularly and clean the air filter.

The working principle of chainsaw.

2. What should be paid attention to the use of oil saw oil?

1. Gasoline can only be used for unleaded petrol at no. 90.

When adding gasoline, the tank cover and the refueling port must be cleaned before refueling, so as not to have debris into the tank.The high branch saw should be placed in a flat place to cover the tank top.Don't let the gasoline spill out when you come on, you can't fill the tank too full.Always use your hand to tighten the tank cap after refueling.

2. The engine oil can only use the high quality two-stroke engine oil.

It is best to use two stroke engine oil with high branch saw engine to ensure long service life.When using other two stroke engine oil, its model should reach tc quality.Poor quality gasoline or motor oil can damage engines, seals, oil channels, and fuel tanks.

3. Mix gasoline with oil.

The hybrid method is to pour oil into a fuel tank, then fill it with gasoline and mix well.The gasoline engine oil mixture will age, and the general configuration should not exceed one month's usage.Special attention should be paid to avoiding direct contact between gasoline and skin, and to avoid gasoline-derived gases.

4. The oil suction pipe head should be replaced regularly every year.

The above is about the working principle of the oil saw and the use of the oil saw, so that you can understand the oil saw better.If you have any questions about the oil saw, we can contact our corripu saws. We have professional after-sales staff to guide you and help you solve the problem.

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