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Two problems in the combustion process of saw engine

- Aug 07, 2018 -

Two problems in the combustion process of saw engine


(1) after the ignition of the engine, explosion sometimes occurs, which is an abnormal combustion.
When the engine explodes, the flame burns very fast, reaching 2000-3000 m/s, while the normal flame burns at 20-40 m/s.
Therefore, the temperature of the engine significantly increased, and the pressure of the cylinder also increased greatly.
The characteristic of explosion is that there is metal percussion in the cylinder, the engine is unstable and overheated, the power is decreased, and black smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe.
As the engine explodes, its economy deteriorates, its lubricating oil deteriorates and even loses its lubrication property, which makes the bearing wear more and more.
Therefore, explosion is not allowed.
The main reason for engine explosion is the poor quality of fuel, or the improper combination of fuel plate and engine compression ratio.
It is also related to the temperature of the engine itself, the position of the spark plug, the form of the combustion chamber, and the size of the ignition Angle in advance.
In addition, carbon accumulation can also cause an explosion.
After occurrence explosion, want to close throttle valve (throttle) immediately, find out the reason, try to eliminate.


(2) early ignition: that is, the combustible mixture in the cylinder burns itself without waiting for ignition.
The reason for the early ignition is that the temperature in the cylinder during the compression process has reached the temperature of fuel spontaneous combustion.
So, it doesn't have to be ignited, it burns itself.
When ignition occurs in advance, the engine overheats, producing a lot of carbon, the engine work is not balanced.

By analyzing and understanding two problems in the combustion process of the engine, we can better understand the performance of saw.
Only by knowing and mastering the performance of the machine can the work efficiency and quality be improved, so as to save labor and reduce costs.

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