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Use and maintenance of two-stroke and four-stroke mower

- Jun 27, 2018 -

Use and maintenance of two-stroke and four-stroke mower

We all know that garden machinery needs to be maintained after use to extend its service life.
There are many kinds of garden tools, so you should carefully read the matters needing attention, understand the principle and maintenance before using them.
The corrips mower will introduce you.

The use and maintenance of a two-stroke lawn mower, a cutting and irrigation machine, a hedge machine and an oil saw

1. Clean up the work site before using the machine to prevent rocks, wires and other debris in the field from affecting the safety of use.

2. The new machine must be grinded for an hour before use. For every 20-30 minutes of grinding, it needs to be stopped for 5-10 minutes.

3. Use no. 90 or above unleaded gasoline, and use 2-stroke gasoline engine oil. It is strictly prohibited to use pure gasoline.

4. This machine USES gasoline mixed with engine oil. The volume mixing ratio of gasoline to engine oil is 25:1.

5. For every 20 hours of use, butter must be added to the gearbox, transmission box and working class.

6. After using the machine every 40 hours, it must check whether every screw is loose. If it is loose, please make sure to tighten it.


Use and maintenance of four-stroke mower

1. Before using the machine, make sure to clean up the litter in the lawn, such as: stone tile, iron wire, wooden pile, sprinkler head, steel pipe, etc.

2. The new lawn mower must be grinded for 2-3 hours before it is used. For every 45-60 minutes of grinding, it needs to be stopped for 5-15 minutes.
The oil must be replaced after the grinding and the new oil must be refilled.
The oil should not exceed the upper limit indicated by the ruler, but must not be lower than the lower limit.
Always check the oil height before each use.
Replace oil every 30 hours (preferably in hot condition).

3. Use no. 90 or above unleaded gasoline, and never use leaded gasoline, mixed gasoline or contaminated gasoline.
(note: refueling should be outside, no smoking during refueling, no refueling during engine operation).
The engine oil shall be SC grade gasoline engine oil, and the four-stroke motorcycle oil shall not be used.

4, it is strictly prohibited to use in greater than 25 ° slope, due to large Angle oil splash wheel can't reach the oil, there will be a cylinder.

5. The machine will stop for 5-15 minutes every 45-60 minutes.
Clean the engine and chassis after each use of the machine.

6. Check the filter element after each use. Replace or clean the paper filter element and sponge filter element every 30 hours. If serious pollution occurs, clean or replace the filter element in advance.

Above is the editor of today's four-stroke mower and two-stroke mower use instructions, I hope to help you.
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