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Use of the knapsack mower

- Oct 19, 2018 -

Use of the knapsack mower
1. Start method
1. Check whether the flameout line is properly connected.
2. When starting in a cold environment, press the damper lever to the "OFF" position;
If the ambient temperature is high or the engine is hot, the damper handle is in the "ON" position (that is, in the normal service position).
3. Pump oil: pump oil to the carburetor until the fuel flow can be seen in the return pipe.
4. Gently pull the starter handle until resistance is felt. Then, pull it hard continuously to start the gasoline engine.
Rough pull actuators are not allowed because discontinuous pulling causes ignition of the spark plug to be discontinuous and the machine cannot be started.
5. Gradually hit the damper lever to the position of "ON", and the engine will operate smoothly until the machine is running smoothly.
6. Adjust the throttle handle, control the size of the accelerator, and make the cutting and irrigation machine reach the appropriate speed of use, then the weeding operation can be carried out.
Do not pull the starter handle during operation, as high speed rotating parts may damage the starter.
7. Stop: first, press the throttle handle to the low speed position, and then press the stop switch to the "OFF" position to stop.


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