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What about the oil spill from the saw?

- Oct 03, 2018 -

What about the oil spill from the saw?


I. causes and treatment of engine oil leakage

Oil spills often happen when you're using an engine, but do you know what causes them?
How much do you know about different areas of the oil spill and how to deal with it?
1. Switch oil leakage
The switch includes water valve, fuel tank switch and petrol switch.
Reason and measure: if the ball valve is worn or corroded, remove the rust between the ball valve and the seat hole, and select a suitable steel ball instead.
Repair or replace fasteners and packing if packing and fastening threads are damaged.
If because of the cone joint surface not rigorous, can use fine valve sand and oil grinding.
2. Oil leakage of pipe joint
Pipe joint includes conical joint and hollow bolt joint.
Conical joint pipe joints include pressure gauges at both ends, gasoline pipe at one end, high-pressure oil pipe at both ends, and fuel oil crude filter at one end of the oil pump.
If the pipe joint is damaged due to low pressure, the horn can be sawed off and rebuilt.
If the thread is damaged, repair or replace it.
The hollow bolt pipe joint includes fuel oil thickness, fine filter and low pressure oil pipe joint of injection pump.
If the gasket is damaged or the assembly is not smooth, you can use plastic gasket, or with the rasp smooth, you can also use sandpaper grinding, serious milling machine milling.
If there is a drawing mark on the assembly plane of the pipe joint, the joint assembly plane and gasket can be polished with fine sandpaper or oil stone.
If there are impurities on the mating surface, please pay attention to the cleaning of the body when assembling, and the joint fixation bolts should be tightened evenly.
3. Oil leakage of rotary shaft

The rotary shaft includes the clutch handle shaft of the gear lever shaft of the starter.
Cause and measure: if the shaft and hole wear each other, the gear lever shaft and clutch handle shaft of the starter can be cut out the sealing ring groove on the lathe, and the corresponding size of sealing ring can be installed.


4. Oil leakage at the plane joint
The flat joint includes paper gasket, asbestos gasket and two planes of cork sealing.
Reason and measure: if there are gouges or burrs on the contact surface due to the unevenness of the contact surface, we should use rasping file, fine sandpaper or oil stone to smooth the contact surface.
In addition, the mounting gaskets should be qualified and cleaned and put down at the same time.
If the bolts are loose, tighten each fixed bolt.
5. Plug oil to stop oil leakage
The oil plugging part of screw plug includes cone plug, flat plug and process plug.
Reasons and measures: if the oil plug screw is damaged or unqualified, new parts should be replaced;
If screw holes are damaged, the size of screw holes can be enlarged and equipped with new oil plug.
If because of cone-shaped plug wear, the tap can be used after tapping into the flat plug, and then installed and used again.

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