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What are some fibers that clog up chainsaws?

- Jan 26, 2018 -

What are some fibers that clog up chainsaws?

Now, on to some fibers that have stopped chain saws:

Skin.  Muscle.  Sinew.  Bone.  Nylon.  Cotton.  Sisal.  Problem is, they stopped the chain too late, after significant loss of blood, great bodily harm, and sometimes, regrettably, loss of life.  Neurological tissues can be used to stop the chain saw in a couple of different ways, one is far preferable to the other.  THINK.  That chain can and WILL unexpectedly break at speeds of seventy miles an hour or higher.  A helmet, chaps, protective boots, sleeves, and gloves are all REQUIRED clothing on any professional crew that knows the cost/benefit breakdown and prefers not to live or die recklessly.  Why would the weekend warrior type think for a moment he or she has better odds against that flying broken or dangerously loose chain than a responsible professional?  This reminds me of the old "If I was dictator of the world, I would..." line of thoughts we sometimes have.  I would require every chain saw be sold with these protective items:  chaps, jacket with full sleeves, steel-toed chainsaw boots, gloves with Kevlar, etc.  But I'm not, and they aren't, so I can only advise you to decide which fibers you would rather stops your chain. 

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