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What are the classification of chainsaw?Do you know?

- Apr 11, 2018 -

What are the classification of chainsaw?Do you know?

The chainsaw is a kind of machinery that is often seen in greening garden, which is mainly powered by gasoline, and it is the hand holding mechanism of the cutting part.We have introduced a lot of problems related to the maintenance of the chainsaw. In order to know more about the chainsaw, today we will tell you about the classification of chainsaw.


The chainsaw is mainly used for cutting, logging, etc.According to engine power, it can be divided into large, medium, small and miniature: over 4.4 kilowatts are large chainsaws.3 ~ 4 kw for medium chainsaws;1 ~ 2 kw for small chainsaws;Below 1.5 kilowatts are miniature oil saws.According to saws, the type can be divided into high and low chainsaw.The weight of the chainsaw on the arms is evenly distributed, easy to carry, no big bending is needed in the operation, and the machine is easy to maintain.The low chainsaw has a compact structure, light weight and small vibration in operation. It is suitable for the comprehensive operation of logging, cutting and building materials in the mountainous region.The corripu saws are full of various models, and are equipped with the original imported orally saw chain, which is durable and easy to use!

In addition, saw chain has straight tooth type and Angle steel type (universal type) two kinds, straight tooth type saw chain applies to cross cut lumber;Angle steel saw chain can be used for cross cutting or diagonal sawing, easy to manufacture, and easy to file and grinding. It is a widely used saw chain type.The wood tooth is the support point of the chainsaw in the sawing wood, it will reduce the weight of the chainsaw and the counteracting force of the chain cutting wood, which will affect the wood itself, thus reducing the labor intensity of the operator.For ease of operation, the chainsaw is also equipped with the control device including saw.

The basic structure of the chainsaw is composed of engine, sawing mechanism and transmission mechanism.In the operation, the power is driven by the drive mechanism to drive the chain saw chain, so that the chain can be used as a continuous motion to cut the wood.


1. Engine

The engine is generally a single cylinder air-cooled two-stroke high speed gasoline engine.In order to meet the chain saw in different cutting direction position assignments, adopts the carburetor with oil transfer pump pump membrane, inside the crankcase pressure pulsation drive diaphragm pump oil, the engine oil well in any position.In addition, the new structure of the transistor non-contact magnetoelectric ignition system and the one-way valve intake system is increasingly used to improve the performance of the engine.

2. Sawing mechanism

The saw-wood structure is the working part of the chainsaw, including the driving sprocket, saw chain, guide plate, saw chain tensioning device and insert wood tooth, etc.The drive sprocket rotates under the engine power, and then drives the saw chain along the guide plate movement for cutting operation.

3. Transmission mechanism

The transmission structure includes centrifugal friction clutch and reducer.Reducer is generally adopt bevel gear reducer (only for the chain saw), relative to the body to make wood sawing mechanism on the horizontal and vertical adjustment, to adapt to the logging and the needs of different cutting direction when building material.

The chainsaw is widely used in the world garden greening, and the development trend of chainsaw is to adopt new materials, new technology and new structure to further reduce the weight of saws.Reduce noise and vibration and reduce air pollution to improve operating conditions;Add safety protection devices to improve reliability and safety;At the same time, we will continue to improve the new type of chainsaw and remote chainsaw.

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