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What are the different gardening tools and their uses?

- Mar 01, 2018 -

What are the different gardening tools and their uses?

If you are a beginner gardener or a small scale farmer, there are about eight essential tools that comes in really handy when doing your job. The truth is almost 95% of your everyday garden jobs can be easily accomplished with the help of these tools that we are going to discuss about. Whether it’s a large garden or small raised beds, it’s essential to every farmer to have this set of tools in his/her arsenal, before thinking about purchasing other specialized tools.



You can use shovel to move or scoop soil. With your shovel you should be able to turn the soil in the garden bed with a relative ease. Consider purchasing a medium size shovel if you are a beginner. The rule of the thumb is to have a handle that is shoulder height because, it’s much easier for your back and doesn’t force you to bend down when scooping the soil. A shovel with a straight blade and borders will help you to work on tight spaces and ones with curved edges with help you to cut the soil more easily.

Garden Fork

A garden fork is one of the most essential tools used for gardening. It helps you to break up the soil clots and sort of smooth out the garden bed. You can also use a garden fork to scrape up various debris in the garden. It’s also a great tool to fluff up the soil and aerate the soil, by breaking the soil masses. You can also use a garden fork to help mix fertilizers, compost and other soil additives with the soil. Garden fork is also a harvesting tool, especially useful when lifting up root crops like potatoes.


Rakes are also among the most essential tools used for gardening. There are mainly two types of rakes: leaf rakes and garden rakes. Leaf rakes are great for clearing leafs and small debris while garden rakes are primarily used to remove larger debris like sticks and stones and level dirt. There are also specially made rakes to pull out weeds and spread heavy materials.

Garden hoe

Garden hoes are among the most helpful tools used for gardening and generally used for simple cultivation and weed removal. The construction of garden hoes makes weed removal easy. You can use a garden hoe to chop and break up a weed layer and then remove it without much effort. Construction of garden hoes make it easy for pulling or prying a deep rooted weed.

Hand trowel

Hand trowel is a must in any gardening tools list. They become very handy when transplanting small plants, seeds and bulbs.


We can use shears to trim and prune the plants. There are shears of various sizes and shapes to prune shrubs and tree growth. Hedge shears are primarily used to perform multiple cuts on medium size vegetation. You can use hand shears to work on topiary or small plants and loppers to cut through thick branches.

Garden hose

Hoses are used to water your plants. A good hose should has enough length to reach many locations in your field and tough enough to operate for years without kinks. It’s best to attach a garden sprayer or a nozzle to the end of the hose for more uniform distribution of water.


Continuous garden work will take a tall on your hand leaving cuts, bruises and blisters. This is why a good pair of garden gloves are considered as essential garden tools in any gardener’s toolbox. There are many benefits of wearing gardening gloves. They increase the grip and handle of other tools and prevent your hands from sharp objects and thorns.

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