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What are the essential tools to take care of a home garden?

- Feb 25, 2018 -

What are the essential tools to take care of a home garden?

Garden is a fairly expansive term. There are all sorts of gardens.

If you mean vegetable garden:

. Spade - like a short handled shovel but with a cross piece at the top of the handle. You want the shovel head to have a pointed end, not flat. Much more efficient and less strain on the back when digging. Also better balance in every way and especially when using the shovel to carry clumps of soil and plants from one spot to another.

. Hand trowel

. Garden rake (as opposed to a leaf rake)

. A long handled weeding tool if you like to weed standing up. This requires energy and back strength. Most of these tools only take off the top of the weed or just under the surface, which means the weeds come back. I prefer to dig out the entire weed using a spade or trowel.

. Sharp snippers and hand pruners

. Hat. The best are ones with a wide brim, a breathable area in the sides of the top, have an easily adjustable neck strap, and a piece of fabric that hangs down to shield the back of your neck.

. Gloves. Personal preference. There are all sorts of gloves for all sorts of jobs.

. Spray bottles for your concoctions.

. Hose with adjustable spray head attached to a Y faucet that allows you to keep the ode attached and also attach a short piece of hose

If your gardening includes landscaping or fruit gardening with trees and shrubs, add the following:

. Loppers

. Bow saw or prunisaw and maybe an axe or a chainsaw depending on the size of your trees and need to cut fallen branches down to size.

. Garden cart or wagon, depending on the size and weight of potential projects. Wheelbarrows are for construction sites. You want four wheels, and may or may not want a sloped end for easy dumping. Be aware that many of those are not balanced correctly and will tip over when you don't want them to. The wheels should not be too close together.

These are what I consider my bare essentials - the tools I use constantly. They don't include lawn care, which is its own category. Or chocolate Bugle Weed, my favorite replacement for mulch in flower beds. Why buy mulch every year when you can grow groundcover that looks the same from a short distance?

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