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What are the garden machines? Details of garden machinery

- Jun 30, 2018 -

What are the garden machines?
Details of garden machinery

Usually we all know that the garden machinery refers to the chain saw, cutting machine, trimming machine, hedge machine, cutting machine, filling machine, comb grass machine, suction leaves the safest machine, lawn mower, lawn trimming machine, etc. Used for landscaping, landscape construction, garden maintenance of mechanical equipment.
Garden machinery is a general term. In this industry, the following types of machines are mainly used: lawn mower, mower, hedge machine, oil saw, excavator, etc.
Today I'd like to introduce you to some of the common garden machines.

Mower (mower)

The lawn mower is probably the most familiar type of garden equipment. It is also called mower, mower, mower, lawn mower and so on.
A lawn mower is a kind of mechanical tool used for mowing lawns and vegetation. It is composed of a knife plate, an engine, a walking wheel, a walking mechanism, a blade, a handrail and a control part.
Knife plate installed on the walking wheel, engine to be provided and mounted on the cutter blade mounted on the engine output shaft, high-speed rotating blade using engine in terms of speed increase a lot, saved the weeding workers operation time, reduce a lot of human resources.
So the life we often see gardeners use a lawn mower to mow the lawn, in fact the existence of large garden can not only make the environment more beautiful, also can have the effect of beautification environment, and the lawn mower is just responsible for the landscape, it is "beautify the engineer" in the process of afforestation.


Hedge machine

Hedgerow cutting machine is also called hedgerow cutting machine, which is suitable for cutting fruit trees, tea leaves, park, garden, roadside hedgerow, etc.
It is a special landscaping machine to beautify vegetation, mainly pruning objects such as poplars, Holly and other trees and plants.
According to different plant pruning shapes, hedge machine with double toughening and ChanRen again, and ChanRen hedgerow machine main clip wall of hedge, double spherical hedge hedge machine mainly clip, so we can see beautiful gardens in various shapes of hedge, actually is by hedgerow machine, it really is artist of garden machinery and equipment.


Oil saw (chain saw)

Chain saws, also known as chain saws, are gas-powered hand saws that are mainly used for cutting wood and building materials. The working principle of these saws is to cut by horizontal movement of interlaced l-shaped blades on the chain.
Chain saws (oil saws) are generally divided into motor chainsaws, non-motor chainsaws and so on.
It is a kind of used for the cutting of trees garden machinery, because a lot of the tendrils of trees is various, sometimes leads to other ground vegetation in the garden can't get enough sun exposure, and redundant tendrils can touch other trees, affect beautiful, so in order to shed excess tendrils, chain saw come in handy, but generally short guide chain saw used for intermittent branch pruning, long guide chain saw for cutting trees.


Earth drill (pit excavator)

Said to drill may you first think of the application in building construction project, it has a very wide range of USES but, widely used in slope land, sand, hard planting seedling afforestation project of digging holes, dug the tree up peripheral unearthed;
Digging holes in the fence with buried piles;
Fertilizing and digging holes for fruit trees and trees, planting and weeding in landscaping projects, etc.
Powerful power, beautiful appearance, comfortable operation, low labor intensity, suitable for all kinds of terrain, high efficiency, easy to carry and field work.
In planting trees, for example, as everybody knows, in the garden, the planting of trees is very big, if alone workers dig a hole with his hands, and not only work efficiency is low, but also special tired, but now there is the earth auger is a different story, a few hours can be completed a few days of work originally, so the earth auger also become the most good help in the process of afforestation, make people from heavy manual labor.

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