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What are the opinions on the management of landscaping maintenance?

- Jun 12, 2018 -

What are the opinions on the management of landscaping maintenance?


1, familiar with the current landscape industry laws and regulations and the provisions of the new, park greening management industry also presents a new opinion and the request, in May 2013 "housing in urban and rural areas the ministry of construction issued by the opinions on further strengthening the construction of park management notice", the park virescence maintenance clear across the country to go specialization, intensification direction is put forward, to ensure that the park greening professional standard of custody.

2, in the public bidding after deployment good social contract during the period of the daily management work at the moment, all of the socialization of the virescence maintenance contract project must be determined through public bidding maintenance unit, through bidding, can send out good comprehensive ability, high integrity, the strength of qualifications enterprise, is conducive to ensure the quality of virescence maintenance in the park.
During the bidding process, two problems should be paid attention to: first, the cost of green park maintenance should be correctly calculated, and the bidding price should be set scientifically and reasonably.

According to industry standard "the guangzhou urban green space routine maintenance engineering cost estimation index (2012) of the year", the level of green space maintenance is 13.99 yuan/m2, secondary green space maintenance is 9.82 yuan/m2, 3 green space maintenance is 4.96 yuan/m2, four green space maintenance is 3.94 yuan/m2.
This specification only provides the maintenance cost estimation standard corresponding to the management level. When calculating the maintenance cost plan, the key lies in how to reasonably define the hierarchical management scope according to the actual situation.

Only the classification of green space management, the maintenance fee standards to correct accounting in public bidding will not due to the tender control price is too low, lead to lost of reasonable profit space, thereby lowering maintenance costs, affect the park quality of virescence maintenance.
Second, on the basis of the clear hierarchical management standards, a set of quantitative and detailed assessment and evaluation system should be formulated for the green maintenance socialized contracting work.

Appraisal of take out the inspection summary once every month, GuanHuFei every February 1, the percentage of average score 2 months have allocated maintenance funds, the rest is to be allocated after the completion of after rectification.
By developing detailed inspection and acceptance methods and reward and punishment systems, technical guidance, supervision and inspection and acceptance of greening socialized contracting enterprises are strengthened.
In this way, the bidding unit can predict the management risk cost after winning the bid, which is conducive to the management of the park management agency to achieve the management and control of the contractors in a logical way.


3, attaches great importance to the virescence maintenance contract management, and excellent professional and technical personnel by professional department special supervision of implementation of a series of rules and regulations and perfect the contract after, the key is execution.
Because the virescence maintenance contractor team mostly in recent years, began to work in the maintenance and the management pattern is also during the period of groping, prone to pursue economic benefit, for the purpose of causing some work has been simplified, and even be ignored.

Digging the spring planting, for example, how to set up a maintenance circle, whether to achieve ploughing depth, digging at the same time have a fertilizer, fertilizer quantity and type is correct is enough, because this kind of work can't immediately reflect the effect at the time, so it is often the most easy to cause misunderstandings.
Only when professional technicians supervise the field and refer to the quantitative and refined fertilization standard can the effect of loose soil fertilization be guaranteed.

In the supervision and management of maintenance work, it is very important to require the contractor to match the manpower and material resources required for the maintenance project and ensure the normal operation of daily work.
For example, you need to determine certain personnel structure, including can fully grasp the project manager of the project operation, professional technical management personnel responsible for on-site management, the team leader is responsible for the reasonable arrangement of work and all kinds of skilled technicians and general workers;
Necessary garden tools such as hoes, shovels, sprayers, water pumps, water pipes, lawn mowers, oil saws, hedgerows, pruning shears, safety belts and transport vehicles are required.
Regular inspection of personnel on duty and storage of tools will also be used as the basis for evaluation and evaluation of the contracting units.

4, widely with the aid of outside force, reasonable supervision and virescence maintenance contract is the use of baiyun mountain scenic spot of grid management, by the park personnel for routine virescence maintenance work on a regular basis.
For simple projects, such as weeds, and dry, such as loess bare partition fragmentation evaluation, through the comparison between each grid, arouse the enthusiasm of maintenance contractors within a line workers, and supervise contractors to establish the rewards and punishment system, internal workers in the daily maintenance form "than learning help super" atmosphere.
The second is to accept the supervision of the general public tourists, and the appointed volunteer supervisors will make regular evaluation on the green conservation of the park.
The evaluation results are fed back to the contractors in time and rectified in time to promote the improvement of maintenance level.

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