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What are the precautions for the long time of the chainsaw?

- May 19, 2018 -

What are the precautions for the long time of the chainsaw?


If we do not use chainsaws for a long time, please keep them according to the following methods, so as to prolong the service life of the chainsaw.

1. Thoroughly clean the whole chainsaw, especially the cylinder heat sink and air filter of the chainsaw, and scrubbing the surface of the chainsaw with oil-soaked cloth.

2. Drain the tank in the ventilated place and clean it.

3. Dry chainsaw carburetor, otherwise the chainsaw carburetor pump film will stick, affecting the next start.

4. Clean the fuel in the fuel tank of the chainsaw, then start the chainsaw engine, and let the chainsaw engine work until it is automatically extinguished.

5. Remove the chain and guide plate of the chainsaw, clean and inspect, and spray the protection oil.

6. Fill the lubricating oil tank of the chainsaw chain.

7. Remove the chainsaw spark plug and pour a little engine oil into the cylinder.
After pulling the engine two or three times with the starting line of the chainsaw, install the chainsaw spark plug, and then pull the chainsaw starting cord again, so that it stops in the position where it feels strong (compress the point).


8. Place the chainsaw engine in a dry, well-ventilated position, away from the heat source or open flame.

9. The chainsaw is kept in the dry and safe place to prevent the use of irrelevant personnel (such as children).

10. If the chainsaw is not used for a long time, wash the chain with a brush and put it in the oil pool for safekeeping.

Finally in the chain saw is in use or not use must pays attention to the maintenance of the chain saw, chain saw maintenance helps to prolong the service life of chain saw, cost savings for you at the same time, be sure to keep in mind.

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