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What are the reasons for the chain saw? What's wrong with the chain saw?

- May 24, 2018 -

What are the reasons for the chain saw?
What's wrong with the chain saw?

We saw on the Internet through a variety of chain saw maintenance knowledge, know about chain saw a see understand, but for many people still feel very confused chaos, today small make up you carefully to analyze some chain saw in use process may encounter problems.

What are the reasons for the chainsaw?

There are several reasons, first is less oil, then it is possible that the quality of the cylinder and piston, crankshaft oil seal later slight leakage, ignition time and is, strictly speaking the spark plug can also make the cause of the high temperature low calorific value, etc., need to carefully check determine reasons, suit the remedy to the case.

What's wrong with the chain saw?

Chain saw a flat is divided into two cases, one is not serious, chain saw after starting engine speed faster, the deflagration continuous and dense, chain saw in the throttle when the operation is fast, when adjusting the carburetor oil also has no effect, when cutting wood, step on the gas will cause chain saw engine stall.

The other is that the engine fails to restart when the chainsaw is in serious condition, or the engine will stall immediately after the start of the oil saw.
If the crankcase air leakage is not serious, when the piston movement upwards, inside the crankcase pressure decreases, and into the crankcase and the mixture formation within the cylinder is very thin, oxygen enrichment, in cylinder ignition burning after fast, but after combustion gas pressure on the piston at the top of the small, so the one plus load (sawing), and the engine was shut down because of a shortage of power.

If the crankcase leaks seriously, the pressure in the box is equal to the atmospheric pressure, and the oil saw cannot start.
Quickly judge the air leakage parts of the crankcase, and the crankcase produces a lot of air leakage, which is generally invisible to the naked eye.
In practice, it is very convenient for us to check the air leakage part of the crankshaft by blowing smoke method.

Check, removing the chain saw the gearbox and the flywheel, push the piston first check point, mount the spark plug, deep breathe through his mouth cigarettes, according to vent, with my hands to the air inlet hard blow, so that you can find a flat with smoke.
This kind of examination method is quick and accurate.
If there is no leakage in the crankcase, it is the carburetor and the cylinder inlet of the air cylinder.
This can solve the chainsaw crankcase leak!


What does it mean to hold a chainsaw?

The power cylinder cylinder is serious or the internal crankshaft, the bearing loose causes to hold the dead, pull not to move, need to disassemble the inspection.
If it doesn't work, be sure to send it to the professional maintenance department for maintenance, or call our kripp oil saw, and we'll have a professional guide on how to do it.

Can't start after the new chain saw?

How do you start to domestic chain saw, for example, the new start is normal, the ratio of fuel is transcribed, the first step to open the circuit switch, pull out of the air door (closed throttle), pull 5 times or so, hear plosion, then back damper, continue to pull, can be started.

Through the above description I think we already know the chain saw this how to operate the oil or gas leakage, leakage of chain saw, holding in death of the meaning and the problem of how to start of the new chain saw, there are other chain saw maintenance problems can call advisory us.

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