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What can cause a chainsaw to bog down?

- Jan 22, 2018 -

What can cause a chainsaw to bog down?

There is quiet a possibility that the chainsaw’s blade needs to be sharpened.

How to Know When to Sharpen Your Chainsaw

You can look for some of these signs to determine if your chainsaw really needs to be re-sharpened or not.

  • Energy being used– If you happen to be using loads of energy when making woods cuts, then you should re-sharpen your chainsaw immediately. A fine working chainsaw often cuts efficiently without the application of any force. Therefore, this is always a sign of a dull chainsaw.

  • It produces fine saw dust– A working chainsaw often produces wood chips as opposed to fine sawdust. So, re-sharpen it immediately if it does so.

  • Jumpy and making irregular woodcuts– If you have unsteady, jumpy chainsaw, the fact is that you are making uneven irregular cuts. Therefore, you should re-sharpen it to start making precise and even woodcut.

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