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What do you know about the common problem of the chain saw blade?

- May 12, 2018 -

What do you know about the common problem of the chain saw blade?

Before we said to the chain saw a lot of problems, but speaks less for chain saw blade, today will give you a simple analyse the common problems of chain saw blade, what it is better to solve this.

What is the problem with an chain saw?

1. Take a look at the blade of the blade.
If you have it, file it.

2. The chain file may have a problem. If you are a novice, make sure to file it at the top of the chain when you file the chain quickly. It will not go in, and it will not be cut off!

2. How to sharpen the blade of the chain saw?

It could be that the chain has been used for a long time, it's longer, you can take off the link.
Because the chain is blunt, it can be used with a sharp drop (if there are not many cuts, it is recommended to buy a new one, which can be solved at that time).

3. The blade of the chain saw is fast but can not be cut down?

The sharp edge of the knife is only one condition, the blade should be staggered to a slightly different direction, so that the front saw seam will not affect the back of the blade.
Otherwise, the saw slot is too narrow, will get stuck in the back of the blade, can not cut down.

What do you know about the common problem of the chain saw blade?


4. How to determine the direction of the blade of the chain saw chain?

When installing, the edge of the blade is directed towards the guide plate, which is the front end of the facing guide plate when the chain is installed.

5. Is the cutting speed affected by the blade Angle of the chain saw chain?
Which cutting speed is fast?

The Angle of machining of sawing chain sharpening machine determines the sharpness and wear-resistance of rounded corners and right-angle knives, and the imported chain has no rounded edges.
Showbull chain saw is equipped with the imported oregen chain, fast speed.
A good chain should be equipped with a good blade, a good blade to be machined, and a good chain sharpening machine.

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