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What function does a chainsaw serve?

- Jan 11, 2018 -

What function does a chainsaw serve?

Chainsaws are power operated tools for cutting rough wood like trees and limbs, among other things. They range from small, portable battery operated tools that have a 10 inch or so capacity, to ginormous (okay, not a word, but descriptive) machines with large engines that take two men to operate. The motor turns a clutch operated sprocket, that drives the chain around the bar (or more rarely, the bow) of the saw. The chain, in turn, has links with cutters and rakers attached to it, that act like tiny chisels, gouging out chips of wood.

There are hybrid chainsaws that have diamond embedded segments instead of conventional cutters that can chew through reinforced concrete, making it possible to get into your local bank’s vault just in time for the police to take you and your saw down to the station for a talk with the local prosecutor.

Chainsaws came to be in the early 1900’s when small enough internal combustion engines were developed to be portable. Logging had, until that time, been strictly a ‘’man against tree’’ enterprise. MalSaws were driven by an 8 horsepower gasoline engine and held by two men (one on each end), and were literally dragged through the trunk of a tree sideways. They were heavy, noising, smoke belching machines. Today, you can buy a small, corded electric chainsaw that hardly makes a sound and will easily cut through a 12 inch tree in seconds. I prefer my 50 year old Homelite Super XL, but after all, I am hard of hearing anyway…

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