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What happened to the chainsaw?And how to better grind the chain knife on the chainsaw?

- Apr 02, 2018 -

What happened to the chainsaw?And how to better grind the chain knife on the chainsaw?

A lot of saw novice worried about the oil saw to run into problem how to deal with?What about the oil spill?How to cut the knife head, how to change the chain...I believe this is a question many people want to know.

What's wrong with the chainsaw?

Check the oil tank, in general, the oil tank is leaking oil, the fuel tank is not well sealed, or improper use of the oil tank, resulting in a leak of oil in the gasoline tank;There is also the case that there are two oil pipes on the gasoline tank, which are of poor quality, rupture or high temperature melting, which can also cause oil leakage.

2. How to better grind the chain blade on the chainsaw?

When the following occurs, you need to grind the sawdust into powder.More effort is needed to cut the saw.The direction of cutting saw is not straight.Vibration increases.Fuel consumption increased.Make sure the unit stops working before repair.Make sure the chain is securely mounted.A round file with a proper size for the chain.

1. First, the chain should be strengthened to make it firmly fixed on the guide plate.

2. Then press the round file to keep the correct Angle from the front, and press the file to the front.

3. It is often used to reduce the grinding chain, which will reduce the cutting saw surface of the chain, insert the grooved rod into the chain, and cut off the plane part with flat file.

4. Finally, file the corners into circular arc, and make the jagged two points highly trimmed to 0.64-0.65mm.


Iii. How to replace chainsaw chain?

1. Open the saw chain cover and remove it;

2. Observe that there is a screw loose in the chain under the chain, which loosens the screw;

3. Remove the saw chain;

4. Cleaning;

5. The new saw chain, pay attention to the direction of the blade, and keep the same blade direction as the old one;

6. Tighten the chain adjusting screw, and the elastic requirement is two links, which means that it can be gently pulled up;

7. Put the chain back up, and tighten the chain until it is tight.

8. Start and see if you have any oil.

Four, the chain of oil saw chain can be linked by chain?

Can, need to put the chain cut one or two knives, and then used on the cuff links to riveting, have the polishing machine, can put the cuff links riveting aside, and then buy some new clasp, it yourself take line, if there is no tools can go to a nearby repair shop repair.

Five, the saw blade saw blade not to force, it is easy to loosen, twisted and tight, a moment still loose, and the saw saw blade feel not into the tree?

This is the chain used for a long time, replace the new one.We have already mentioned how to replace the kripu chainsaw chain, which is available for reference.

6. The chain of chainsaw does not come to oil.

This situation should be the fuel tank air valve plug or damage, it is recommended to replace the air valve.

Today is mainly said chain saw oil and chain saw chain segment such problems as how to plunge grinding, I believe you already know how to change a new chain and chain length how to operation, everyone to meet these situations if possible to repair, but if you don't understand or sent to the professional maintenance.

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