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What if the chainsaw doesn't start or does it stall?

- Apr 18, 2018 -

What if the chainsaw doesn't start or does it stall?

If you want the chainsaw to start properly, the following points should be guaranteed: compression -- the best cylinder pressure should be maintained, and there should be no loss of compression in the cylinder.Ignition system - ignition system should produce strong spark at optimum ignition time.Fuel systems and carburetors - the mixture of air fuel should be at the optimum mixing ratio.Therefore, when the chainsaw is difficult to start or can not be started, we need to check the factors one by one to check the problem.

1. Check compression: the diagnosis starts from the outside and ends internally.

External conditions, tension conditions, cylinder, piston, crankcase.

First to see if the spark plug tightened, turn the starter by hand wheel (starter), and around the top dead center (1-2 circle slowly pull starter), felt more effort (can compare to the new machine), and turn away after the top dead center (machine turn after a few laps) can automatically start the round turns a larger Angle (not pull starter will also continue to roll), compression is normal.If it is very soon or very easy to turn the end of the piston, the cylinder compression force is insufficient, the problem is: the engine oil problem causes the cylinder to wear or the cylinder;The cylinder and crankshaft box gasket leaks.

2. Circuit problems: the diagnosis starts from the exit to the end of the import.

Spark plug - spark plug - switch - high voltage, ground wire and switch - ignition coil - flywheel.

If the compression is normal, when to start the chain saw no outbreak in the cylinder (no sound), muffler exhaust gas damp and petrol, it shows that is defective circuit system, then, should remove the spark plug (check the spark plug gap of 0.6 ~ 0.7 mm), will spark plug connected to the high tension line, the spark plug side very close to the metal parts of the body, and quickly pull the machine and see if there is a blue spark.If not, check the spark plug cap is damaged, then remove the spark plug, with the high tension line end saw the body metal parts directly about 3 mm, pull the starter and see if there is a blue spark jump high tension line.If not, there is a problem with the high pressure pack or the flywheel.


3. Inspection of oil road system: from the beginning to the end of the export.

Oil tank cover - fuel - exhaust valve - fuel oil filter - fuel pipe - carburetor - intake negative pressure tube.

If the electrical system is normal, check the fuel supply system.If there is no sound in the cylinder at startup, the exhaust pipe is weak, and the gas is dry without the smell of gasoline, the majority of the fuel supply is a problem.Should check whether the fuel tank is sufficient, whether the fuel filter is serious, whether the fuel pipe is broken or not, the carburetor is blocked.If the checks are good or not, remove the spark plug and pour a few drops of gas into the spark plug hole (not too much), then install the spark plug and start the chainsaw.If it can be started and run for a while, it means that the carburetor is plugged in and can be disassembled and cleaned or replaced.

None of the four or one or three.

If the above is good, consider whether the startup environment is too low.

Perhaps because the machine is too cold, gasoline is not easy to atomize, also not easy to start.It is also necessary to consider whether the crankcase is impermeable due to oil seal damage.When the ambient temperature is low, the damper should be turned down. When the ambient temperature is high, the air door should be fully opened and then started.

5. Engine oil ratio causes failure.

The chainsaw fuel mix is not good or the muffler is too much carbon can cause the chainsaw to start difficult or not to start, often cleaning, cleaning muffler, air filter, body dust.The number of gasoline, oil, or poor quality will also affect the starting machine, and should be configured and selected according to the requirements of the chainsaw.


6. Startup methods and techniques.

The direction and skill of starting the pull rope and the starting speed (the speed of the pull starter) also have an effect on the start of the chainsaw.


If the chainsaw can start normally, but the speed can't reach or the fuel door flameout, we need to continue to drain the fuel.

1. Check whether the air filter is blocked, cleaned or replaced;

2. Plug the fuel filter head and replace it;

3. Incorrect fuel use and correct fuel consumption;

4, carburetor adjustment error, the oil needle reset reset (H, L oil needle clockwise twist to the end, H oil needle counter-clockwise screw 1 and a half to 2 times, L oil needle counter-clockwise screw 2 laps - 2 and a half, if high speed up to less than 1/8, every twist clockwise H oil needle if idle normal refueling door shut down every screw counterclockwise needle L 1/8);

5. The carburetor is blocked, cleaned or replaced.

8. Exhaust system.

If there is no problem with the fuel, check the exhaust system.

1. The muffler carbon is blocked, and the carbon is scraped or burned.

2. Carbon blockage of air cylinder exhaust outlet, scraping away carbon.

Nine, circuit

Finally check the circuit to see if there is any damage inside the pressure package. If it is damaged, replace it.

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