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What if the chainsaw engine only explodes when the engine is cold? What about the high temperature flameout?

- Apr 28, 2018 -

What if the chainsaw engine only explodes when the engine is cold? What about the high temperature flameout?


Any garden tool will be used for a long period of time, which will cause a large or small failure, whether it can eliminate the fault in time, and have a direct relationship with the extension of its service life and good working performance.
Take the chain saw, failure occurs when the chain saw, if I don't know anything, there is a problem, consult professional personage, that's too much trouble, but, if you know some common faults about the chain saw, so, for the simple fault, you can also easily solved.
Below we can start from the oil saw cold machine to start the phenomenon of only explosion and can not start the phenomenon and oil saw high temperature flout of the situation for the introduction, together to understand.

It is difficult to start the oil sawing machine.

When the chainsaw starts, the engine bursts out only a few times, and no continuous ignition occurs.
Apparently won't be low or crankcase cylinder compression force air leakage problem, also won't be the spark plug ignition system, high voltage wire itself damage and lack of magneto electromagnetic problems, because of lack of compression force, crankcase air leakage, spark plugs and the high tension line leakage, permanent magnet steel demagnetization, magnetic force is not enough, it is not possible outbreak of engine.
If the fault occurs in the ignition system, if it is the engine with a contact magneto ignition, the fault is mostly the loose of the gold contact, the burning or oil pollution and the accumulation of the oxide layer;
It can also be caused by the half-moon key and the contact rocker spring break, the movable contact rocker arm.
If it is a non - contact magnetic motor, the majority of the coil joint contact is poor.

If fault produced in fuel supply system, mostly with moisture in the fuel, oil pipeline with air and the mixed fuel oil mixture too thick or too much, can cause cold machine starts the engine ignition discontinuous phenomenon.
Because water is greater than the proportion of fuel and deposited on the bottom of the tank, the engine starts, the original fuel in the carburetor can only supply a flash burning explosion, stay in the water tank into the carburetor or tubing, it cut off the normal supply of fuel, engine immediately to stop the outbreak.
In addition, too much oil in the fuel, which affects the rapid atomization of the fuel, makes the mixture difficult to ignite, occasionally ignition, also discontinuous.
Fuel in the mixture too thick, strong even after entering the cylinder can be sparks, but soon will be "drowned" from product oil much (that is, the spark plug center electrode were all extremely around the insulator with side product oil filling).
There is too much fuel in the mixture or in the mixture of oil. The exhaust fumes from the exhaust muffler must be black smoke.

The oil saw flameout.

A common symptom is a sudden death of fire after a period of work.
It will take a while to catch fire, and after a period of work, it will be the same situation, and more frequent when the weather is hot.

4000桔灰优点图.jpg       What should we do in this situation?
First of all, we need to find out the reasons. The usual reasons and solutions are as follows:

1. Ventilation problem

The crankcase and plastic parts are poorly ventilated, resulting in the high temperature of the carburetor component ventilation.

Solution: ventilation.
Such as magnetic flywheel increases air deflector shields or can get through the passage between the crankcase on magnetic flywheel and carburetor, increase the ventilation rate, or replacement ventilation better enclosure cover and air filter cover kit.

2. The exhaust of the muffler causes high temperature.

Solution: the muffler with a clear muffler or a larger vent.
(note: the number of holes is not necessarily fast, and the hole in the market is better than three holes.)

3. Low temperature resistance of carburetor.

Solution: add insulation paper pad, ventilation, cleaning or replacement of carburetor.

4. Coil/high pressure package is not resistant to high temperature.

Solution: direct replacement.

5. Cylinder three parts.

Cylinder, piston, piston ring 3 pieces at least one of the material is not good.

Solution: replace the oil saw cylinder.

6. Oil seal and negative pressure tube (balance pipe) are not resistant to high temperature.

The oil seal and the negative pressure tube (balance pipe) are not resistant to high temperature, which shows the air leakage when the temperature is high.

Solution: replace quality oil seal and negative pressure tube (balance pipe).

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