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What if the mower breaks down?

- Sep 27, 2018 -

What if the mower breaks down?

1.The mower starts and ends with an abnormal sound

The reason for this situation is that the bolts in the middle of the blade are not tightened. If this situation is found, the bolts should be unscrewed and taken off the coupling to see if there is any damage.

2. The rope is rebounded when starting

Early ignition timing is the cause of the fault.
Usually, the flywheel key is cut because the blade hits the stiffener while cutting the grass.
The machine should be repaired at this time.

3.Violent shaking

This phenomenon may occur for several reasons:

(1) when the blade is bent or worn, it loses dynamic balance;

(2) bending of crankshaft due to impact;

(3) the blade is damaged, causing the blade to rotate relative to the crankshaft, causing imbalance;

(4) loose engine fixing screws;

(5) engine base damage;

(6) the blade hits the hard object.

How to operate the mower correctly?
What if the mower breaks down?


4. Poor effect of collecting grass

(1) the collection bag has not been cleaned for a long time, resulting in poor collection of grass due to uncleanness and airtight;

(2) the grass gate will not be cleaned for a long time, and the grass accumulation will block the grass gate, resulting in poor grass arrangement;

(3) excessive blade wear makes blade unable to collect grass;

(4) the engine wear, excessive power loss and low rotating speed of blade lead to poor effect of herbage collection;

(5) the grassland is not flat, resulting in poor grass arrangement.

5.The lawn mower is not good at weeding

Reason: the engine speed is too low, grass is blocked by grass exit, grass humidity is too high, grass is too long, too dense, blade is not sharp.
Elimination method: remove the grass in the lawn mower, cut the grass after the lawn has water to dry, cut twice or three times, only cut one third of the length of the mower each time, and polish the blade sharply.

6.Overheating damage

Skirt dry white or light gray, when the surface of the porcelain tube has partial loose bulges.
The electrode was obviously ablated, and there was a circle of ablations at the proximal end of the central electrode, and the nodular particles adhered to it.
Excessive fuel gas, low spark plug calorific value or air leakage, premature ignition or petrol engine overheating will lead to overheating burning loss.


7. Carbon accumulation and pollution

It is suggested that professional maintenance staff should be employed to overhaul each lawn mower before the first time every year, so as to prepare for a rainy day.
The main items of overhaul include: cleaning carburetor, cleaning the combustion chamber carbon deposition, checking whether the high-pressure line is unblocked, and whether the gear box is working normally, etc.

When the mower breaks down, you must deal with it in time. If you really can't, you must find a professional to repair it.
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