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What if the saw doesn't add gas?

- Jul 21, 2018 -

What if the saw doesn't add gas?

1. The carburetor is not adjusted properly or the carburetor is blocked, and the carburetor is damaged, so the mixed oil and gas cannot be produced effectively;

2. The oil road is blocked or leaked, resulting in insufficient oil supply;

3. Air filtration is blocked, resulting in insufficient air supply;

4. The cylinder body or piston is worn and must be replaced in whole;

5. Poor quality of oil products or improper mix proportion, resulting in insufficient combustion;

6. What's more, it's lower level. Your air door is not opened or fully opened.


The saw engine is working normally, but what's the matter with the sawtooth not turning?

1, open the safety lock, will be located in the front baffle back to joystick, heard "cob" is open, and push forward lock chain, allowing the engine and how much throttle chain did not move.

2. The chain tooth spacing is different from that of sprocket teeth.

3. The chain teeth and guide rails are clamped too tightly, and the guide plate and chain are removed. The chain is placed on the guide board of the oil saw to see if it can be pulled by hand.
If the above inspection is not possible, please ask professional staff for help.

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