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What if the saw had no power

- Sep 17, 2018 -

What if the saw had no power

Saw is used in more and more places, suitable for forest fire fighting, urban landscaping, roads, lawn garden, agricultural orchard, street, hospital, school, villa area, park and other pruning branches.
More and more families have begun to use the saw, but consumers are facing a problem, is the saw failure how to do, today small to tell you about the saw maintenance problems.


How to solve the problem if there is no strength in the saw?

If the saw is not strong, check the cylinder and carburetor, and turn the carburetor to a lower speed.

1. Open the safety lock, pull the baffle in front of the handle backward to the position of the handle, and the sound of "clack" will be opened. Otherwise, push forward to lock the chain, and no matter how much throttle chain the engine adds.

2. The chain tooth pitch and sprocket teeth are different, and the cross-tooth bite cannot be rotated.

3. The chain teeth are too tight with the guide rail, and the kreep oil saw can remove the guide plate and chain, and put the chain on the guide plate to be pulled by hand.

If the above inspections are not possible, please ask for professional help, Shanghai youtuo industrial co., LTD. To provide maintenance of oil saw and integrated garden machinery services.


2. What is the problem that the saw cannot start?

(1) the brake, the brake plate came back hard and stopped the car.
The front baffle to the human body to pull down.

(2) the chain is too tight and needs adjustment.
Start the chain too tight can you pull it with your hands if you can't pull it loose.

(3) sprocket problem, is the chain lacking oil, add some oil to lubricate before starting.
If the chain and guide plate are short of lubricating oil, they may even get stuck. If the oil is added, it is time to change the sprocket wheel.

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