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What if the saw pulls the cylinder?

- Jun 01, 2018 -

What if the saw pulls the cylinder?

In the process of using the chain saw, sometimes the engine will be lubricated badly and the phenomenon of cylinder pulling will occur, and sometimes even the situation of the chain saw engine blasting, how to do at this time?
How did everyone solve it?
Let me tell you.

What if the saw pulls the cylinder?

Chain saw engine cylinder refers to the failure of engine to start or self-extinguish due to obvious longitudinal scratches on the inner wall of piston and cylinder.
Chain saw engine running speed, the internal temperature can reach 400 ℃ to 600 ℃.
Under such bad working conditions, qualified engine oil must form oil film between metal surface to reduce the wear of engine metal parts.
The root cause of the cylinder is difficult to form the oil film between cylinder wall and piston assembly, cause poor lubrication or the phenomenon of dry friction, which leads to the inner wall of the cylinder metal temperature is too high for metal transfer.


The possible causes of small gasoline engine cylinder pulling include: lack of engine oil (or oil has lost lubrication effect), large abrasive entering cylinder, piston pin escaping, etc.
Among them, the most common reason is lack of engine oil or not replacing engine oil in time.
So, what can we do to avoid engine drag?

1. Regularly check the oil level of the machine, and when the oil is insufficient, replenish the oil to prevent the oil shortage of the saw engine.

2, to replace the engine oil regularly, once every 50 hours to replace the oil, it has lost in the engine lubrication oil, and add new oil (note: 10 w - 40 sj level of oil can be suitable for use at most temperatures).

3. In order to prevent large abrasives from entering the engine, we should also check and replace the empty filter element regularly, and replace the empty filter element every 100 hours.

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