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What is difference between hedge trimmers and hedge cutters?

- Jan 02, 2019 -

What is difference between hedge trimmers and hedge cutters?

Hedge trimmers and hedge cutters are essentially the same in that they are used to trip and cut hedge. This practical gardening tool is mainly used to cut and prune hedges and bushes, and they come in a wide variety of designs and formats—including manual versions as well as electrically powered and petrol hedge trimers.
Standalone hedge trimmers are either human, gasoline, or electricity-powered.

Manual trimmers or hedge shears/clippers are much like large scissors—they are powerful enough to cut through small branches and twigs. They need nothing but human strength to operate, and therefore are the cheapest and most environment-friendly option.


Motorized hedge trimmers can be petrol-fueled or electricity-powered. They make pruning and cutting work easier and faster, with less effort required than manual trimmers. They typically have cutting mechanisms that are similar to finger bar mowers. They include safety devices to ensure that the blades run only when an operator’s hands are on the machine’s handles, thus preventing accidental turning of the blades. Petrol hedge trimmers are generally more powerful and better to use for large-scale work. Electric types on the other hand, are advantageous because they tend to be less polluting and are a lot lighter than their petrol-powered counterparts.

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