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What is the function of carburetor?

- Feb 01, 2019 -

What is the function of carburetor?


The carburetor combines fuel and air in the engine by using an intake vacuum supply. The air is pulled down through to the carburetor by the intake vacuum while fuel is siphoned from the carburetor’s fuel bowl. From here, the fuel and air form a combustible mixture that powers the engine. At high engine speeds, fuel is pulled through the metering jets into the narrowest part of the carburetor throat. It then travels down to the intake manifold where it is burned to produce power in the cylinders.

If there is not enough fuel in the mixture, the engine could be damaged or the vehicle will not run at all. This is called running lean. If there is too much fuel, the engine can flood, run poorly, have bad fuel economy, or become very smoky while running. This is called running rich. The carburetor plays an important part in keeping your vehicle in smooth operating condition.

Timely maintenance of the carburetor should be done in order to avoid:

  • Poor fuel economy

  • The vehicle idling too fast

  • Your car floods when you try to start it

  • The vehicle has a rough idle

  • The car stalls at low speeds

  • The vehicle hesitates under load

Periodic maintenance and timely replacements will only make the life of car extendable. DRM Motors is one such service center that provides you with end to end services in terms of maintaining the car, renovating the car or doing some modifications. They provide satisfactory services.


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