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What modern agricultural techniques are not used in India?

- Mar 03, 2018 -

What modern agricultural techniques are not used in India?

There are so many techniques that are not using in INDIA. Among them

  1. Using helicopters for spraying insecticides or pesticides to crops.

  2. Using heavy machinery to harvest crops like this


3. Using heavy machinery to plough land


In INDIA we use like this


4. In INDIA we use normal process to cultivate crops

but in foreign countries they are using terrace gardens, vertical cultivation and green houses also.

The list will continue if we compare.

One more important thing in INDIA we choose AGRICULTURE as last choice or option but in Foreign Agriculture is also a separate job(they opt agriculture as passion), in INDIA also there are some persons who opt agriculture as passion and job.

In INDIA we are cultivating crops naturally(organic ) from ancient times but in foreign countries it’s a specific process.

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