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What protective clothing do you need?

- Mar 25, 2018 -

What protective clothing do you need?

Safety helmet

These look like construction hard hats. They're designed to protect your head from the force of impact from the guide bar if kickback occurs, provided the chain brake has been activated and the chainsaw chain isn’t spinning. They won’t stop the path of the guide bar or the chain from cutting if it’s in motion. Most safety helmets have built-in ear defenders, and often transparent plastic or fine-mesh visors to protect the eyes from flying woodchips and dust. Prices start at about £15 online.


Ear defenders

Chainsaws are incredibly noisy and prolonged use can cause hearing damage. Whether you’re using a petrol, corded electric or a cordless battery model, always wear ear defenders. Most safety helmets will have ear defenders built in, but you can also buy them separately for about £10.

Chainsaw trousers

Chainsaw trousers are made from layers of specialist fabric designed to slow the chain down by snagging it. They won’t block the path of a spinning chain completely but, by slowing its progress, they'll make the resulting injury less severe. Prices of chainsaw trousers vary considerably, with a top-of-the-range branded pair costing in the region of £200 and the cheapest cost around £50

Chainsaw gloves

These gloves are heavily padded with similar fabric to that used in chainsaw trousers. They are designed to protect hands, while still being flexible enough to let you work comfortably, and cost between £10 and £35 to buy.

Safety boots

Buy a pair of safety boots that have a steel toe cap and a good grip to prevent accidental slipping when you’re using a chainsaw. Prices vary, starting at about £50. To get a good deal, it’s worth shopping around and comparing prices for protective clothing. Alternatively, you can buy the whole clothing kit (boots not included) for about £100.

Batteries and chargers for cordless models

Manufacturers often have one or two standard batteries and chargers that can be used with a wide range of tools. Before you buy check to see if any of your existing tools has a battery and charger that can be used with the tool you are planning to purchase as this could save you a considerable amount of money.  

As some people may already own a compatible battery and charger, these are sometimes not included in the price quoted for your tool, so check the small print before you buy.

Alternatively, you may see it as a good chance to buy a second battery for your tools. Batteries are sometimes cheaper when bought with a tool, and it’s often useful to have a second one charged and ready to go when you’re carrying out jobs that will take some time to finish.

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