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What's wrong with the chainsaw starting line?Can chainsaws not burn mixed oil?

- Apr 19, 2018 -

What's wrong with the chainsaw starting line?Can chainsaws not burn mixed oil?

Recently, the customer will ask about the chainsaw starting line.Can oil saws not burn mixed oil?And so on these problems, in fact, everyone to meet again don't know how to solve these problems can contact us, we have professional staff will give you to solve these problems, to simple tell you about these problems today, hope you can help to you.


1. What's wrong with the chainsaw starting line?

Let's take a look and see if the screws on the fixed rope wheel are too tight.Check whether the spring is broken, if it is broken, replace the new spring;3 if the chainsaw is used for a long time to replace the starter.

Two, the chainsaw starts to pull out to pull very card some pull not to move, but pull out the rope can oneself wrap back what is the matter?

It may be that the starting block is worn out or the wheel on the starting plate is not good, and the new one is suggested.The second possibility is that the chainsaw itself has a problem to pull the cylinder, this situation needs the professional to repair, can contact our Showbull chainsaw professional after-sales personnel.

3. After the chainsaw is started, what is the reason for the fire?

At the first start, a pull start line engine starts the ignition, but quickly dies, starts again, and does not ignite.This phenomenon, obviously, is not the fault of the ignition system, so we have to find fault with the fuel system.According to the phenomenon, it can be concluded that a certain part of the oil road is blocked.When press the add button valve is opened, the oil chamber filled with fuel, can be saw carburetor oil overflow from air filtration net, but shortly after the fire, to be normal oil supply, because the oil is the oil or no oil and engine stalled.During inspection, the oil tank can be inspected first to the oil line of the carburetor line (such as oil discharge valve, filter screen, etc.). If the oil outlet is normal, the fault must be inside the carburetor.Because carburetor each oil channel hole is small, turn again many, once be blocked, it is not easy to open.Therefore, should be especially careful when refueling, carefully filter, prevent fine mechanical impurities and sawdust and other substances into the tank.

4. How do you check the chiansaw?

First, remove the spark plug and pull it to see if it is jumping.If you do not fire, change the spark plug to try, if still do not jump fire, check ignition switch and igniter.If spark plug jump fire, use the needle tube from the spark plug hole to enter 1 ml of gasoline, tighten the spark plug, pull the start line, pull several times if can start, prove oil road blockage, carburetor blockage.If pull a few times always do not catch fire, that is pull the cylinder, must let professional personnel carry on repair.

5. Can the chainsaw not burn the mixture?

Some customers said that they knew that the oil saw should be mixed with oil, and when buying a saw, they had a proportional bucket, which should be mixed with oil and gasoline.But if there's no oil, can you just use gasoline?Does it affect the engine of the chainsaw?

I'm here to tell you that you can't just use gasoline.Chain saw to light and big power, USES the two-stroke engine, and performance, according to the principle of two-stroke engine two-stroke engine must be added in the fuel oil (burning) each part to get lubrication, so as to avoid friction produces high temperature burning machine, chain saw so cannot use pure gasoline combustion, must add a certain proportion of lubricating oil in the gas, make it conform to the standard of mixed oil used as fuel for the chain saw.


The above is the chainsaw maintenance some problems, you can refer to, of course, not comprehensive, welcome to inquire.

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