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What should a saw do if it doesn't add oil or USES a lot of oil?

- Jul 09, 2018 -

What should a saw do if it doesn't add oil or uses a lot of oil?

There may be some problems in the use of oil saws, but how to solve them?
Do you notice how to adjust the saw when it doesn't add oil or it consumes too much oil?
And how did the saw insert the wooden teeth?


Today I'd like to focus on these questions.

1. How about a saw without oil?

1. First, check whether the carburetor is too sparse;

2. Second, whether the saw leaks air;

The adjustment method of oil saw without oil carburetor has a great influence. When too thin, the oil is less and more gas, resulting in the burning mixture is too thin.
Mechanical air leakage will also lead to the use of the saw do not add oil!

2. How about oil consumption?

First, several situations should be determined:

1. Is the oil saw light oil saw (below 78 displacement) or heavy oil saw (above 78 displacement)?
The two oil saws work in different ways and have different fuel consumption.
Light saws save more oil than heavy saws, but power saws are smaller and can only cut down trees below 50CM in diameter, and the trees cannot be particularly hard.


2. Oil consumption of oil saw is the consumption of new oil saw, or the consumption of oil after the use of old?
If the fuel consumption of the new saw is higher than that of the equivalent saw, it is the carburetor problem. It is ok to adjust the carburetor or replace the carburetor.
If the old machine is running out of gas, it needs to be checked.
See if the gas and air filters are dirty, or if the chain isn't sharp enough, or if the cylinder is slightly worn.
It depends on the machine.
If not, be sure to send it to a professional for repair.

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