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What should I do if the chainsaw is not oily or thirsty?How to install the oil saw insert?

- Apr 06, 2018 -

What should I do if the chainsaw is not oily or thirsty?How to install the oil saw insert?

There may be problems with the chiansaw in the process of use but how do you solve these problems?Do you notice how you adjust when you run into a chainsaw with no gasoline or chainsaw?How do you install an chainsaw insert?Today I want to tell you a few questions.

What do you do with oil saws?

1. First, check whether the carburetor is too thin;

2. Second is whether the chainsaw leaks;

The adjustment method of chainsaw and oil carburetor has a great influence on it. When it is too thin, the oil is much less gas, which causes the mixture of combustion to be too thin, so that the oil can be added without oil when used.Mechanical leakage can also cause the chainsaw to be used without oil!


2. How to use chainsaws?

The first thing to determine is:

1. Chainsaws are light oil saws (less than 78) or heavy chainsaws (more than 78)?The working principle of two kinds of oil saws is different and the fuel consumption is different.Light oil saws are more fuel-efficient than heavy oil saws, but the power light saws are small and can only be cut down to a tree with a diameter of less than 50CM, and the tree cannot be particularly hard.

2. Oil saw is a new chiansaw to consume oil, or use the old to consume oil?If it is a new chainsaw with a higher fuel consumption than the same conditions, that is the carburetor problem, adjust the carburetor or replace the carburetor.If it's an old machine that consumes oil, it's time to check the cause.See if the gasoline filter and the air filter are dirty, or the chain is not sharp enough, or the cylinder is slightly damaged.All in all, it depends on the machine.Be sure to send it to a professional for maintenance if it doesn't work.

How to install the chainsaw insert?

In the installation of the chainsaw, the spines are pointed up, mounted on the machine, and the wood can be stuck when sawing wood.Chain saw is a kind of broken equipment, which can be divided into motor chain saw, non-motor chain saw, concrete chain saw, etc.Also check the chain when installing the insert.


1. Always check the chain tensioning. Please turn off the engine when checking and adjusting, and put on protective gloves.The suitable condition is that when the chain is attached to the lower part of the guide plate, the hand can pull the chain.

2. The chain must always spill a little gas.Check chain lubrication and lubricating oil tank oil level before work.A chain without lubrication must not work, such as working with a dry chain, resulting in damage to the cutting device.

Never use old motor oil.The old engine oil cannot meet the lubrication requirement, not suitable for chain lubrication.

4. If the oil level in the oil tank does not decrease, it may be that the lubrication transport fails.Should check the chain lubrication, check the oil road.It can also lead to a poor supply of lubricants through contaminated filters.Clean or replace the lubricating oil strainer in the tank and pump.

4. How to operate correctly when using chainsaw?

1. Carefully study the instruction manual and follow the instructions strictly.

2. The new machine must be worn for more than 20 hours, and the proportion of mixed oil is 20:1.When used normally, the proportion of mixed oil is 25:1.When you buy the corripu saws, you will have a detailed explanation, and there are instructions in it. You must read it carefully before you do the chainsaws.

3. Check whether the saw blade installation conforms to the requirements before using the inspection screws and other parts, in case of any injuries.

4. According to the tree, it is forbidden to stand under the tree, pay attention to the falling direction of the tree, and try to keep it away from buildings and pedestrians, so as to prevent the falling trees from hurting people.

5. When the tree trunk is high, stand firm, hold the chainsaw, and see the saw teeth, so as not to hurt yourself.

6. Wipe up after each use of the chainsaw.

7. Regular maintenance work after warehousing.And maintain records.

Above is today the main lubricate the chain saw and don't you say or how to operate much money, but also for chain saw the installation of wooden teeth illustrates, hope that we can according to the correct steps to avoid more problems.

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