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What should the oil saw use notice?

- Apr 01, 2018 -

What should the oil saw use notice?

Is there anything to note in the use of the oil saw?What to do when the oil saw is not in use?I'm going to talk about that today.

What do you notice when the oil saw is started?

When the oil saw is started, do not pull the start rope to the end of the rope, and then pull up the starting handle with the hand until the stop position, then pull immediately, and push the handle to the front.'you must not pull the starting line completely to the end, or you may pull the trigger,' said the shanghai-based company's engineers.Second, do not allow the start handle to bounce back freely, but slowly pull it back into the oil saw case so that the starting cord can be rolled up more easily.

What are the precautions when cutting wood?

1. When logging, the operator holds the oil saw with both hands and holds the oil saw handle with the right hand;

2. At the beginning of the work, the throttle of the oil saw is driven to the maximum and then the clamp is clamped, and the surrounding environment is always noticed;

3, engine with maximum throttle working long hours, need to let it idle, let air flow around take chain saw most of the heat in the engine, so that you can avoid engine ignition device, carburetor parts, such as overheating, cause burning;

4. The operator must stand on the upper or side of the trunk while working on the slope, and pay attention to the rolling of the tree to prevent the danger of tripping over the stumps and branches;

5. Watch out for the shards of trees, and the pieces of wood that split up with the saw will be dangerous;

6. Be sure to pay attention to the natural inclination of the trees, especially the branches should pay attention to the wind and wind, and the wind is too strong to cut trees;

7. The length of the cut tree length is 2.5 times.


What are the precautions during the daily use of oil saws?

1. Always check the tension of the chain.When checking and adjusting, be sure to turn off the engine, and wear thick gloves, which will cause unacceptable damage!

There must be a little oil in the chain.The chain of the oil saw can not work without lubrication, otherwise, the whole cutting device of the oil saw could be damaged, so we must pay more attention to it.

3. After replacing a new saw chain, it is important to take a few minutes to make sure that the saw chain and oil saw can work properly and fit well.Otherwise, if the chain has just been replaced, it will not be suitable for the oil saw to start working. The oil saw will not work properly, and may even cause the chain to break.

What are the precautions for the long time of the oil saw?

If we do not use oil saws for a long time, please keep them according to the following methods, so as to prolong the service life of the oil saw.

1. Thoroughly clean the whole oil saw, especially the cylinder heat sink and air filter of the oil saw, and scrubbing the surface of the oil saw with oil-soaked cloth.

2. Drain the tank in the ventilated place and clean it.

3. Dry oil saw carburetor, otherwise the oil saw carburetor pump film will stick, affecting the next start.

4. Clean the fuel in the fuel tank of the oil saw, then start the oil saw engine, and let the oil saw engine work until it is automatically extinguished.

5. Remove the chain and guide plate of the oil saw, clean and inspect, and spray the protection oil.

6. Fill the lubricating oil tank of the oil saw chain.

7. Remove the oil saw spark plug and pour a little engine oil into the cylinder.After pulling the engine two or three times with the starting line of the oil saw, install the oil saw spark plug, and then pull the oil saw starting cord again, so that it stops in the position where it feels strong (compress the point).

8. Place the oil saw engine in a dry, well-ventilated position, away from the heat source or open flame.

9. The oil saw is kept in the dry and safe place to prevent the use of irrelevant personnel (such as children).

10. If the oil saw is not used for a long time, wash the chain with a brush and put it in the oil pool for safekeeping.

Finally in the chain saw is in use or not use must pays attention to the maintenance of the chain saw, chain saw maintenance helps to prolong the service life of chain saw, cost savings for you at the same time, be sure to keep in mind.

Quote from:www.toutiao.com

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